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  • Great Light Complete w/Charger and Battery
  • Includes Hard Side Carry Case
  • Lamp: USA CREE XM-L2 (U2) LED
  • Lamp Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
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  • Visible-Over 1500 ft. (500 meters)
  • Will-Not Affect Natural Night Vision
  • Depth Rated: 350 ft. (107 meters)
  • 12 Hour Burn Time
$15.95 $12.95
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  • Primary dive light for recreational divers
  • Compact enough for use as a backup
  • 1300 Lumen maximum output
  • Rugged construction  
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  • Small and compact, fits within BCD pocket
  • 1000 lumen maximum output
  • 2 power modes plus SOS strobe function
  • Includes battery, charger, hard carry case, hands-free glove mount, lanyard, and spare O-rings   
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  • Compact signal light
  • 200 hours runtime
  • Designed for locating buddies
  • Impact resistant plastic construction
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  • Lightweight, high performance LED lighting
  • 700 lumens pistol grip spotlight
  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Smooth and powerful white light
$130.99 $114.99
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  • Reusable LED glow stick
  • Fourteen tubes of light
  • High visibility green light
  • Long lasting LED
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  • Warm light restores lost color on reefs
  • Compact design, 28 lumens halogen unit
  • Twist switch prevents accidental on/off
  • Focused narrow beam
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  • 1300 Lumens of Brightness
  • Tremendous Brightness & Narrow 8 Long-Range Beam
  • Complete Kit w/18650 Battery & USB Charger
  • Light Serves as Primary Dive Light or Back-Up Light
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  • Most Lumens for Your Dollar
  • Great Daylight Primary
  • Night Dive Back-Up Light
  • Twist ON/OFF Bezel Switch
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  • Powerful, Penetrating Beam
  • Lightweight, Compact Package
  • Protective Heavy Rubber Lens Boot
  • Made from HYDRALUM & Engineering Polymer
$190.00 $179.95
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  • Creates a flourescent effect
  • 12 to 100 degree beam angle
  • 395 nm LED lamp
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
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  • High visibility beam up to 50 meters deep
  • Ergonomic hand held design
  • Red class III underwater laser
  • Wrist strap, Twist on/off
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  • Powerful, Penetrating Beam
  • Protective Heavy Rubber Lens Boot
  • Tough Composite Body
  • Dual Power Locking Switch
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Dive Light Buying Guide

When a scuba light is brought with a diver, the light travels a very short distance to the object and back to the diver's eye. This means that you can enjoy vivid natural colors wherever the light is pointed. Low visibility, low light and night diving all require artificial light sources in order to see the surrounding environment. Dive lights come in three main types of light output: Conventional (Xenon or Halogen), HID (High-Intensity Discharge) or LED (Light Emitting Diode). Over the last few years, dive lights LED technology development has accelerated incredibly fast. LED dive lights performance is exponentially increasing each year with brighter diodes, increased lifetime, and longer burn times. Additionally, LEDs now cover the entire light spectrum, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and white. New photo and video dive lights are adding different colored LEDs to add the colors back when at depth for incredible vivid underwater photography and videography. 

Primary Dive Lights

Dive Lights in this category are used as primary lights. Primary dive lights can be used to increase visibility for daytime or nighttime dives. These dive lights are usually bulkier, have an increased lumen output, a large battery pack (internal or external) which increases the length of burn time. Primary dive lights are durably built to last many dives. Optimal dive lights can be powered by either disposable and rechargeable batteries offering maximum versatility on dive trips. Dive lights in the category are available in many different styles including; handheld, pistol grip or lantern grip, Goodman glove, and canister lights. Canister lights have a large rechargeable battery pack housed in a waterproof container or “Canister”. There is a cable that runs to a light head with one or more bulbs in it. The light heads can be mounted on the wrist or on the head via a strap or on a helmet. Canister lights are usually the brightest, most powerful dive lights.

Secondary Dive Lights

The main purpose of a secondary scuba light or back-up dive light is to protect the diver and dive buddy during a nighttime dive in the event the primary dive light fails. Secondary dive lights are typically more compact, lightweight, and feature a narrower beam. Secondary dive lights are typically smaller in size compared to primary dive lights, so they can easily fit into a BC pocket and are also ideal for exploring under ledges or the cracks and crevices of a reef. Secondary scuba lights in this category are usually in the range of 100 to 700 lumens of brightness which make them great scuba lights for either daytime or night time scuba diving. Secondary dive lights can be hooked to D-rings with retractors for easy access while diving or a lanyard that attaches the light to the BC or to the divers wrist is a great way to keep the light close even if it is dropped. Most dive lights are small enough to fit into a BC pocket for secure inboard storage so that they are out of the way, but can be deployed quickly and easily. These come in handy during the day for looking into crevices and under coral heads where some of the more shy or nocturnal creatures spend the daylight hours. Many of these lights are also great for the glove box or general outdoor use as they are waterproof, rugged and brighter than regular flashlights.

Photo & Video Lights

Lighting is the primary obstacle faced by underwater photographers and videographers, with the loss of color and contrast at depth, or when a subject is far away from your camera they will also appear colorless and indistinct. Underwater photographers solve this problem by combining two techniques: Getting as close to the subject as possible, minimizing the horizontal loss of color and using a flash to restore any color loss vertically through the water column. Generally, the flash should be used to supplement the overall exposure and to restore lost color. Modern video dive lights are using similar LED technology to primary dive lights which makes video scuba light burn time long at high output levels.

Safety Lights & Markers

Safety dive lights and scuba markers help mark a divers location while diving at night. Scuba marker lights are commonly worn on the first stage of your regulator or attached to the tank. The safety markers in this category do not use high power to operate which means you don't need to change the battery often. Water activated safety dive markers make it simple and easy to use while doing your safety buddy check so you can't forget to turn it on.

Dive Light Accessories

Accessories for lights range from lanyards to clips to extra batteries and spare bulbs. Many larger lights have different types of after market handles that can be purchased. Mounting brackets and after-market handles can also be found here for certain models.