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  • Open heel split fin design
  • Vented design reduces drag and resistance
  • Extra wide foot pocket for use with dry suits
  • Durable monoprene construction
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  • Best-selling line of fins
  • Channel Thrust Technology
  • Bungee straps
  • Appropriate for all dive conditions
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  • Frog plus fin with an elastic bungee system
  • Three material design for durability
  • Increased blade area by 20%
  • Optimizes kick, thrust, and comfort
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  • Highly innovative design
  • Extremely durable
  • Bungee strap
  • Reduced leg and ankle strain  
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  • Impressive Kicking Performance
  • Big Blade Generates Lots of Power
  • Vented Design & 3-Material Construction
  • Optimizes Flex, Achieve High Kicking Performance
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  • Highly durable blade fins
  • Appropriate for all experience levels
  • Innovative design increases blade area by 20%
  • Highly efficient output of energy  
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  • Power Enhancing Vents (PEV's)
  • Reduce Leg Stress & Increased Velocity
  • Ergonomically Designed Foot Pocket
  • Composite Plastic Design
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  • Volo fin in full foot design
  • Optimized Pivoting Blade optimizes each kick
  • Super Channel design for a stronger thrust
  • Foot pocket distributes pressure evenly
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  • Unique barefoot, open heel fin design
  • Mid foot flex point reduce joint strain
  • Twin speed gear shift
  • Anti slip rubber pads
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  • Open heel non vented fin design
  • Mid foot flex point reduce joint strain
  • Large rubber side ribs
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TUSA Solla Fins

  • 20 degree angled blade for efficiency
  • Optimized 3 channel crescent shaped blade
  • Reinforced side rails and vents
  • Anatomic open heel foot pocket
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  • Short adjustable fins
  • Lightweight and responsive blade
  • Provides a fluid and effortless kick
  • Adjustable buckles
$39.95 $24.95
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  • Replace Old Scratched and Scuffed Protector
  • Optically Clear
  • Provides UV Protection
  • Easy to Install Static Adhesive
$34.00 $24.95
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  • Full foot fin design
  • Lightweight travel sized blade
  • Anti slip rubber pads
  • Rigid sole for optimum protection
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  • Multi-flex blade system
  • Split blade and hybrid rib design
  • Two winged shaped surfaces for life
  • 27 degree angle blade for optimum efficiency
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  • High performance split blade fin design
  • Stiffer blades when compared to other split fins
  • Stainless steel spring straps for easy donning and doffing
  • Gentler on legs, hips and ankles  
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Fins Buying Guide

Scuba fins are modeled after the tail of a fish, and help to make your swimming more efficient. A wide effective propelling surface allows a diver to move faster, and with greater thrust. Dive fins enable you to push more water, which equates directly to speed. Dive fins are extremely useful for scuba divers, free divers, and snorkelers alike.

Adjustable Strap Fins

An adjustable strap diving fin is more versatile - because they have an open heel, they can be paired more easily with dive socks or dive boots, allowing a diver to operate in colder water. The adjustable straps themselves can be changed out and customized to allow for any kind of gear to be worn beneath the fin. This flexibility is what makes the adjustable strap fins the preferred fin of scuba divers everywhere. Adjustable strap fins usually have a larger surface area than full foot fins, as well, which is ideal for propelling a scuba diver strapped down with bulky gear.

Full Foot Fins

Popular the world over with snorkelers and warm water divers, Full Foot Diving Fins are lighter and smaller, offering a compact profile without sacrificing very much power. Equipped with a closed, non-adjustable heel, full foot fins are designed to be worn without thermal protection over your feet. This makes sizing a full foot fin very important - make certain to know your fin size before finalizing your order.

Long Blade Free Diving

Long Blade Free Diving fins are a great deal longer than other diving fins, and have a closed heel design. Because of their increased surface area and leverage, a long blade diving fin can jet forward in short, fast bursts. This is particularly useful to free divers, who often have to make a quick exit to the surface for air. You'll also be visiting the surface less in a pair of long blade diving fins - because of the increased efficiency, you'll lose up less of your oxygen and energy while swimming.

Fin Accessories

Make the most of your diving fins with our Fin Accessories. A broken or ill-fitting fin strap can pump the brakes on even the most well-planned diving trip, so why not grab an extra one right before you head out? Available in dozens of styles, from spring to buckle-less to standard, you should be able to find the most comfortable strap for whatever price and purpose. You can also pick up an accessory hanger, which offers a great drying and storage solution for all your wet masks, snorkels, and fins.