Atomic Aquatics Split Fins

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Split fins have become the most popular style fin in diving today. Just look around when you are out beach diving or on the charter boat and you will soon...
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Key Features

Less Drag, More Thrust
Light Fin (Great Travel Fin)
Increases Thrust & Reduces Fatigue
Less Air Consumption
Composite Plastic Polymer

Product Overview

Split fins have become the most popular style fin in diving today. Just look around when you are out beach diving or on the charter boat and you will soon discover that more divers are making the switch to this style fin. Why are they so popular? They are popular because they work, and you, work less! A split fin performs more like the combination of a whale's tail and a propeller. When you kick the two separate blades twist and create more of a propeller surface which will increase your propulsion and lift. You feel as if the fin is not strong enough to keep you moving as fast as you are accustomed with your full bladed fin, yet you cover the same distance in the same time.

Less drag, more thrust and most important less strength is used. The split fin design is not only unique; it uses the latest technology in composite plastic polymer materials to give a light fin (great travel fin) and one that increases thrust and reduces fatigue. Fin is equipped with EZ-LOK squeeze style quick-release buckles which snap on and off with ease yet will not disengage accidentally. Extensive R&D and testing yielded the perfect formula of flexibility and rigidity for efficient propulsion. Atomic multi-composite plastics result in a powerful kick that requires less effort, stress and strain meaning less air consumption. The power rails are highly resilient and perform as the backbone of the split fin, storing and releasing energy with every kick. The semi-ridged flex battens set in the soft elastomeric blade, control the precise wing shape to optimize thrust and reduce drag. The large surface area blade improves pivoting, turning and alternate kick styles.

Thin yet strong and highly flexible hinge points between the semi-ridged battens cause the blade to react quick and efficiently to the slightest kick. The anatomically contoured foot pocket designed to fit your foot without stress points, with semi-open toe for added comfort. The internal sole plate creates ridged platform beneath the foot for greater power transfer to the blade yet provides a soft, comfortable open heel foot pocket. Fins are available in multiple sizes and colors. So, make the switch and use less effort which equates to less air usage and longer more comfortable dives.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.


  • Less Drag, More Thrust, Less Strength Used
  • Latest Technology In-Composite Plastic Polymer Materials
  • Light Fin (Great Travel Fin)
  • Increases Thrust & Reduces Fatigue
  • EZ-LOK Squeeze-Style Quick-Release Buckles
  • Buckles Snap-On-&-Off with Ease, Will Not Disengage Accidentally
  • Rubber Straps w/Large Pull Tab for Easy Donning & Doffing
  • Flexibility & Rigidity for Efficient Propulsion
  • Less Air Consumption
  • Power Rails: Backbone of Split Fin, Highly-Resilient, Storing & Releasing Energy w/Every Kick
  • Semi-Ridged Flex Battens: Control Precise Wing Shape to Optimize Thrust & Reduce Drag
  • Large Surface Area Blade Improves Pivoting, Turning & Alternate Kick Styles
  • Thin Yet Strong & Highly Flexible Hinge Points Cause Blade to React Quick-&-Efficiently
  • Anatomically Contoured Foot Pocket Designed to Fit Foot w/o Stress Points
  • Semi-Open Toe for Added Comfort
  • Internal Sole Plate, Ridged Platform Beneath Foot, Greater Power Transfer to Blade
  • Soft, Comfortable Open Heel Foot Pocket
  • Available-In Multiple Sizes and Colors
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Key Features

• Less Drag, More Thrust
• Light Fin (Great Travel Fin)
• Increases Thrust & Reduces Fatigue
• Less Air Consumption
• Composite Plastic Polymer

What's in the Box

• Split Fins - MFG 1 Year Limited Warranty


Materials Composite Plastic Polymer
Blade Type Split
Open Heel/Full Foot Open Heel

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michael Iversen
Fast, but a little resistance

I have 16 year Apollo fins I still like. I’m not sure which are my favorites yet.

This is my wife’s fins ( I still use my Apollo’s).

Marcus Swicegood

Been looking at these fins for a couple years now. Love the way they look, but they were Really pricey! Read reviews and forums, they are rated in the top 5 best fins of all time. You see divers all the time wearing these fins. I finally pulled the trigger and bought me a set w/ the spring straps. When i rec'd them i thought they felt very HEAVY. I was a little worried because i weighted them on a set of Taylor hanging scales and they weighted in @ 5.80 lbs an are 26" long! You see I'm 58 yrs old, 5' 10"weight 185 lbs, OK shape, but I also have skinny, crampy legs and toes. I thought that i had wasted my money, because how could a set of heaver fins be good for my profile. I've been diving an old set of Oceanic V-8 splitfins for years, which i really love, and they have done well for me ! They weigh 4.50 lbs and are 25" in Length . The new Atomic splitfins were 1.25 lbs heaver. I Just got back from a week of diving in Key Largo FL, reef diving in current & wreck diving w/ current. LOVE EM!!!!! I did 10 dives with Atomic splitfins and will never look back. If these fins get lost ,stolen, or whatever i will buy a new pair!! You get what you pay for! I will dive theses fins for the rest of my career scuba diving. You hear and see all kind of BS. I'm very OCD w/ my equipment. Here are the facts, because the real spec's are hard to find on websites. Theses are the original Atomic splits. Not the Smoke on water or the high performence firmer splits. No, they are not more bouyant.They will sink. Weight 5.80 lbs, lenght 26" long. You'll never know the weight diff in the water. BEST FINS ever! Marcus NC.

mario ruiz

I bought 2 of everything with Atomic Aquatic. I have the BC1 and 2. I also have the t3 and t2 reg. I have a huge follow personal page and plenty of divers there.I will send you the link so you can watch the review. Thanks. I cannot read the product yet. In order for me to leave this message I had to read it. I will make sure to upload a video on YouTube with my review on everything you see on this picture check me out at blackscubabear all social media platforms

Myrna Parino
atomic pink split fins

Absolutely love my Fins! Top of the line!

Best Fins Ive used

Its my first time trying a split fins, and I absolutely fell in love with it. They are more efficient than the traditional paddle fins as I feel that each of my kick is more powerful and less strenuous than any other fins ive tried. Since this is the only split fins brand ive tried, I cant say that the Atomic fins are better than the others. However, Ive done some research prior to the purchase, and the Atomic split fins seems to have pretty consistent positive reviews.