This demonstration video discusses and shows the features of the Atomic SS1 Scuba Octo. The SS1 has an inflator integrated secondary air source. It is positioned at the end of the Buoyancy Compensator hose. The Atomic SS1 Scuba Octo comes with AFC (Automatic flow control) which is an exclusive feature that automatically adjusts airflow at depth to maintain stable, comfortable breathing.The SS1 is Nitrox Compatible to 40% (The Recreational Limits of Nitrox). Inside, components are made from Titanium, Zirconium/Nickel-plated brass and 316 stainless providing virtually no wear or corrosion from the elements. The SS1 is eliminating hose clutter, because you use the same hose to supply both the power inflator and your alternate air source, also known as safe-2nd or Octo "Seat Saving" Orifice for extended service intervals. The Atomic SS1 Scuba Octo is compatible with all BC´s except by Mares and TUSA models with the A.P.A. Active Purge Assist inflator system.

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"No doubt about it. Atomic has raised the bar with the SS1, creating the first safe second that really could be compared to a high-performance primary. And the best news - it will fit on most any brand of BC, thanks to a unique adapter device." - Sport Diver magazine

"The SS1 breathes better than many primary use regulators and generated the best overall simulator performance among the integrated inflator/regs...and earned the highest ergonomic scores of all the units we tested" - Scubalab


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