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Neosport by Henderson 7mm XSPAN Super Stretch Wetsuit

Henderson 7mm XSPAN WETSUIT - This is a very comfortable, easy to wear, wet suit. Easy... read more

by John R.

Amphibious Outfitters Sunken Plane T-Shirt

Amphibious Outfitters Sunken Plane T-Shirt Review - $15.75 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - A wonderfuly detailed image and a message that says a... read more


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Nextag top rated merchant"I've shopped a number of times at, and the site brings me back for many reasons. Firstly, has a wide variety of sizes for those of us that don't fit into the stereotypical categories. The easy reference to size charts is particularly handy for the same reason. Secondly, it's easy to read reviews in popular magazines of products on the cutting edge, then do a quick search here and find the product or similar one. Thirdly, the staff are friendly and informed, and have been nothing but extremely helpful when I've dealt with them via phone. It's rare I've had a question or concern, but when they have arisen, I've been very pleased with the responsiveness. Finally, I feel like offers some of the best prices on the online market, and it's very easy to compare them to others and see they shine above the rest. I hope to continue shopping with them for a long time to come"- LM Allen

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Why buy your Scuba & Snorkeling Gear from the World's Largest Authorized Dealer online?

Superior selection - As an authorized retailer of 130 different manufacturers of scuba and snorkeling equipment and accessories chances are if you are looking for a specific piece of gear, we can provide it.With 12,000+ square feet of warehouse space filled with gear, actually has a larger facility than most of the scuba equipment manufacturers...See more

Superior Scuba Diving Knowledge and Experience - At we are proud to offer you some of the highest trained and experienced scuba industry professionals at any facility on the planet.In fact, at the LOWEST rated person you'll speak to about your scuba or snorkeling needs is at least Certified Scuba Instructor.In fact, with 2 who have attained the Course Director rating our staff offers over 75+ combined years of Scuba Instructional and dedicated scuba industry experience.

Dive Gear Repair CenterSuperior and In-Depth Technical Knowledge of your Scuba Gear - offers a complete service and repair department that can offer factory trained warranty service on every piece of gear they sell.It doesn't stop there, though.At most facilities your equipment technician is simply a shop employee who thought working on gear would be fun.They've sat through a seminar and are familiar with your gear, but tht's as far as it goes.At not only does several of our staff have these certifications from every scuba manufacturer (including the ones who are no longer in business!), they have hands-on working knowledge of gear from old double-hose regulators all the way through the newest equipment available today.How many scuba repair facilities can offer you instructors with experience as the Technical Director for several major manufacturers?At we can.Who else to help you with your dive equipment needs than a sales staff that has in-depth experience repairing, designing and building your scuba gear?

Scuba dive all over the worldSuperior Geographic Experience - Most dive shops have somebody on staff who may have visited the places you dive most at one time or another. At our instructors have experience living, working and diving in much of the World.Whether you dive Puget Sound, the Florida Keys, freshwater quarries, the Caribbean or the South Pacific, our staff has not only been there, but we've lived and worked there.Why is this important to you?It means the staff at can give you the proper advice on the proper equipment needed to enjoy scuba diving in your area or your dive destination.You can be comfortable with the fact that we're pointing you towards the dive equipment you need and not what some dive shop employee makes the most profit on.See less Contest Winner

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