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Mares Console Holder

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  • Can be easily attached to all dive accessories
  • Works great as an octo holder
  • Quick release Snap clip and lanyard
  • COLOR: Black


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Customer Reviews for Mares Console Holder:

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Rating: nice holder
Reviewer: GREGORY McMANUS,  - View all my reviews
i actually use this as an octo holder and it works fantastic, very secure and doesnt take a lot of effort to get the octo to a buddy in need and it doesnt allow the octo to just simply slip out without knowing like the rubber loop ones do.

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Rating: Mares Console Holder
Reviewer: Bernd K.,   
The Mares console holder works well for keeping consoles in place and from dragging in the sand or reef. The Mares snap clip is better than those I have used from other brands being just large enough that with 7 mm gloves I am able to open it with little difficulty. I actually bought it to hold an octo holder and would not recommend the product for this purpose. The velcro break away needs significant force to come apart by pulling, however this can be overcome by putting the velcro sideways. A silicone snorkel keeper for an octo holder works better and is less expensive.

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Rating: Great product
Reviewer: Tina M.,  - View all my reviews
Great product, and a great price. Thanks, Scuba.com!

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Rating: Retractor
Reviewer: Karla Collins,  - View all my reviews
This retractor is great! You can place it anywhere on your Bc and pull it out to be withing sight.

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Rating: Very Versatile
Reviewer: Timothy J Hedrick,  - View all my reviews
Great product and easy to use.

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Rating: Keep One In Your Dry Bag
Reviewer: THOMAS GRUBBS,  - View all my reviews
Nothing worse than a console dragging across the coral. Always carry a spare.

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