Light & Motion Sola Dive 1200 L.E.D. Hands Free Light 850-0144-D 026959 Light & Motion Sola Dive 1200 L.E.D. Hands Free Light 850-0144-D 026959
Light & Motion Sola Dive 1200 L.E.D. Hands Free Light 850-0144-D 026959 Light & Motion Sola Dive 1200 L.E.D. Hands Free Light 850-0144-D 026959


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Mfg Part #: 850

Light & Motion Sola Dive 1200 L.E.D. Hands Free Light

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Scuba Lab Testers Choice!
  • Free protective carrying case included
  • State of the art ultra bright L.E.D (Light Emitting Diode Technology)
  • High Intensity White L.E.D. light travels farther underwater for maximum visibility and truer colors
  • Shock and Impact resistant L.E.D. bulbs
  • Mount included:
  • Optional Camera Tray and Arm Kit with Locline Mount (See below to order)
  • Beam angle 60 degrees flood/12 degrees spot
  • BRIGHTNESS: 1200 Lumens flood, 500 Lumens spot
  • BATTERY: Rechargeable built-in Lithium Ion battery
  • RUN TIME: High - 70 mins, Med - 140 mins, Low - 280 mins
  • DEPTH: 270 feet / 90 meters
  • COLORS: Blue with Black or Blue with White

Customer Reviews for Light & Motion Sola Dive 1200 L.E.D. Hands Free Light:

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Average Customer Review: based on 7 reviews.

Rating: Light overview
Reviewer: Terry McCollum
Used this light in the caves in Mexico, found it to be very functional. Switches worked well during dives, like the adjustable beam and overall wouold recommend it for caves or night dives. Have been using a canister light, but now use it only as backup. Very portable, easy to charge but would strongly recommend attaching a clip for entering and exiting water.

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Rating: Sola lights are fabulus
Reviewer: Brian Tucker
I recently bought the Sola 1200 light,I already have a Sola 800 and when another one was needed maybe bigger would be better. Both lights perform very well and if I were to buy again I would get the 800 and save a few hundred bucks.

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19 out of 26 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Im diggin this light, Sola Dive 1200
Reviewer: David H.  -  View all my reviews
this is a powerful light. i use it on deep wrecks with my gopro and always on "flood" at its highest intensity. that lasts me for two dives one 25 min. deep wreck and one 60 min. reef dive on full intensity, full time. the flood setting lights up and entire room on the wrecks with about a 70 degree beam. its like having a bunch of 500-lumen dive lights with sealed spot beams all clumped together to make one wide intense flood light. the hand strap mount is convenient, leaving your hand to operate freely. it beats my buddys canister light which is hand mounted but is connected to a small coffee can strapped to his belt with a 5-ft thanks. wireless is way better.

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28 out of 50 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Wow!
Reviewer: Robert B.
I used this light while cavern diving cenotes in Mexico and could not have been more pleased. The rooms that I had dove in before were much bigger this time due to the amount of light it emits. And the length it penetrates is wonderful. A side note using my gopro 3 for video turned out great with this light. Even in pitch black areas it emitted more than enough light to capture video. Only critique is battery life is a tad short. Barely made two 45 min dives.

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Rating: This light rocks!
Reviewer: Rick H.
The Sola 1200 has narrow field or wide angle, multiple brightness settings, Easy on and off and locking settings. It is super Simple to operate under water and the wrist mount Is effortless and perfectly positioned. The light beam blows Away nearly all other competitive options at a fraction of the size. Can be a night light, video light or a serious add To day dives. Battery Lasts two tanks with some Good judgement. Recharges super fast. Bottom line- gives a Ton of light. Good battery life. Recharges very fast looks cool, its small and light and the wrist Mount makes it part of the dive rather than one More thing to lug along. The 1200 is the light to get.

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32 out of 52 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Best Light Ever
Reviewer: Paul B.
Dont even think twice about whether or not this light is worth the money. You simply cannot beat this one. The compact size is wonderful, and utilizing the palm grip velcro handle frees up your hands for photos. It is so easy to change intensity as well as change from flood to spotlight. All other lights pale in comparison to this one. Pricey... absolutely but once you use it you would be willing to pay even more !!!

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24 out of 44 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Let there be light
Reviewer: Henry W.
Very spendy item but in my opinion, worth every penny. Took two of these on several night deep dives in Bahamas and they ruled. Several other divers with basic lights thanked us for offering our enhanced illumination. Wrist mount is comfortable and the three intensity modes for both spot and flood are great. I found I used middle setting mostly which provides ample run time and went ot highest intensity for shooting video.

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Questions and Answers for Light & Motion Sola Dive 1200 L.E.D. Hands Free Light:

  • John:

    Hello: Quick question about the wrist mount. Is the strap that wraps around the hand adjustable? I have big hands and I cant tell from the photo. Also, does the integrated wrist strap on the wrist mount have sufficient strap length to get around a dry glove? Let me know. Thanks ! John

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello John, there are two straps on the glove version of this light and yes both straps can be adjusted. If you have any other questions or would like to place an order please feel free to give us a call at 1.800.347.2822.

  • caratz:

    Do you ship out to Europe ? I have seen in a question by someone else that the chargers are 200 V rated ? Adaptor isnt a problem.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Caratz, yes we ship to Europe, and if you have the Sealife International Plug Adapters web link: You should have no issues charging this light. If you have any other questions or would like to place an order please feel free to give us a call at 1.800.347.2822.

  • Irina:

    Does it has SOS emergency mode? The depth? Hands free? Thank you!

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    The Sola 1200 comes with a wrist mount, so in essence is hands free. It has a depth rating of 90 meters and does not offer an SOS mode.

  • Irina:

    Hello! Does Sola Dive 1200 possible to use at night in the sea? Can I use it as well on the ground instead of regular light? Does it include charger and battery? How much time take to recharge battery? Thank you for detail answer!

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello, this light's main use is as a main dive light and since this is an LED you don't have to worry about overheating so it can be used on the surface as well. It only takes 150 min. to get a full charge on it and comes with the battery.

  • Irina:

    Hello! How much time (maximum) possible to be under water? Run time for sola dive1200 is 65min on high, and 160-on low...does it enough? Or is more safe to have light with more run time even with not chargeable batteries? Thank you very much! I am looking for gift for my son and dont want to buy wrong or unpractical one.

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello, if your doing a normal night dive you don't really want the light on high unless your looking at something specific especially with a light with 1200 lumens. so a 160 min run time is plenty. Your son would be the coolest kid with the brightest light!

  • Robert:

    Is the recharger multi-voltage 110-220/240V or 110 only?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Robert, you would need a converter to recharge this on international power grids that work on 220v. This light is designed to run off 110v power.

Lumens (Flood 60°/Spot 12°):
High- 1200 / 500
Med- 600 / 250
Low- 300 / 125

Run Time -Flood/Spot (Min):
High- 70/110
Med- 140/220
Low- 280/440

Charge Time:
150 Minutes

Size & Weight:
56mm x 104mm &
254 gr. w/out Wrist Strap

Sola Angels

Built to the specifications of top divers across the globe. The smallest rechargeable dive light that actually delivers its published output - in a perfectly smooth spot or flood beam.

Sola™ dive lights have a factory sealed body so you never need to worry about flooding. Control is accomplished with a magnetic slider on the top of the body. Slide forward or back to turn on. Hold forward or back to turn off. Rotate to lock.

Smart Dashboard: Three indicator lights behind the bezel report battery status, output setting, and charge status; slide forward to increments the power levels. Sola Dive 1200

70/110 Min
1200/500 lum Med
140/220 Min
600/250 lum Low
280/440 Min
300/125 lum

Multi-voltage 2A charger with interchangeable blades for international use.


Built-in lithium-ion battery is charged through external charge ports with gold plated receivers for years of use. Factory sealed design makes charging fast and easy without ever having to open the light.

Included wrist mount offers comfortable neoprene padded molded plate with locking light release and adjustable straps. Hands free design.

Compatible with all other mounting options:

D-Ring Kit
Pistol Grip
Video Locline Mount
Photo Ball Mount
YS Mount

SOLA Dive 1200
a berry compliant light, ships with pistol grip

Light and Motion is the first dive light company to test and certify their lights in accordance with the ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Standard.

Using an integrating sphere, the actual lumen or light output and run-time is precisely measured and certified.

No more guessing. We test and publish results for all of our lights as well as the competition. See for yourself.



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