Underwater Kinetics Light Cannon ´´Used-Demo´´ 44651 026922-a


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Underwater Kinetics Light Cannon ´´Used-Demo´´

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  • Free 8 C-Cell Alkaline Batteries Included!
  • Free Lanyard Included!
  • 3X more efficient than standard lights, the Light Cannon is like taking the sun underwater
  • High color temperature gives the beam the same color as sunlight
  • Up to 1000 hour lamp life
  • POWER: 25 (equivalent), 10 (actual) watts
  • BATTERY LIFE: 3-4 hour
  • STYLE: Pistol Grip

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Questions and Answers for Underwater Kinetics Light Cannon ´´Used-Demo´´:

  • joe:

    is this light better than the underwater kinetics 825 lumen "e"led light, or about the same. I look forward to your answer. thank you.

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    eLED has the advantage of no bulb to break and better battery life.

  • Aaron:

    I have a UK light cannon 100. Any idea how many lumens it puts out?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Unfortunately no. None of the information UK gives us for this light give anything but watts for out put.

Light Cannon 100

Miniature HID lamp gives a giant leap in brightness with no increase in battery usage
High color temperature gives the beam the same color as sunlight
Two wide angle lighting filters included for video lighting
Operates in or out of water
Up to 1000 hour lamp life
Improved spectral quality allows light to travel farther through water
Powered by disposable alkaline batteries or rechargeable UK NiCad Upgrade kit, Also uses individual nicad or NiMH C-size batteries
Polarized battery compartment reduces battery leakage
Nonbreakable locking switch
Pistol or lantern grip and rubber sleeve lanyard included
Tough, non-corroding ABS and polycarbonate plastic construction
Waterproof to 500 feet

For consistant lighting, many underwater videographers attach the Light Cannon 100 to their camera housings using a ball-joint arm system. Although we do not manufacture arms, we have found the system manufactured by ULTRALIGHT Control Systems to be a good choice. Check out the section on 'Strobe and Video Light Adapters' in their web site.

BRIGHTNESS: 450 Lumens
LAMP: HID Metal Halide (6000 degrees K)
BURNTIME: 3-4 (Alkaline) Hours, 2 (Nicad Pack)
BATTERIES: 8 C Alkaline, NiMH or Nicad Cells, UK Nicad Pack
SIZE: 8.2 L x 3.2 W x 7 D inches
• 44601 - Light Cannon, Black
• 44613 - Light Cannon, Yellow
• 44614 - Light Cannon, Flourescent Yellow

•Rechargeable Upgrade Kit (NiCad Pack, Charger)
•Battery Pack, NiCad, C8R/Light Cannon
V AC Charger, C8R/Light Cannon
V AC Charger, C8R/Light Cannon (Euro)
•Lamp, Light Cannon
•Lamp Driver Module
•Light Cannon Reflector
•Pistol Grip, D4/D8/Light Cannon
•Lantern Grip, D4/D8/Light Cannon
•Bezel, C4/C8/Light Cannon
•O-ring, C4/C8/Light Cannon
•Switch Assembly, Light Cannon
•Wide Angle Filter Kit
•Wrist Lanyard

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