Ikelite Underwater Housing for the Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 6230.80 168022

Mfg Part #: 6230.80

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  • Teppo:

    Hi! Do you have redfilter to this ikelite housing 6230.80?

    Clarke  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Teppo, Thank you for your inquiry! I have searched our web site… We do not offer this product. And after searching Ikelite’s web site, I could not find any reference to a Red Filter for the Ikelite Housing MPN: 6230.80. I will contact Ikelite on Monday and if I have any update, our answer will be updated. If you would like to place an order or have questions about our products, please contact one of our certified Dive Instructors at SCUBA.com by calling 800-247-2822 <> 949-221-9300 or e-mail us at: info@scuba.com

Ikelite Housing for Olympus Tough Digital Cameras

Ikelite Housing Ikelite Housing Ikelite Housing
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Olympus Stylus Tough 8000,
Mju Tough 8000
Ikelite Housing #6230.80 ...... $260

( camera not included )

This rugged series of Olympus cameras deserves an exceptionally rugged underwater housing. The Ikelite ULTRAcompact digital housing for the Olympus Tough 8000 really delivers when performance and durability matter. The ULTRAcompact housing is high quality, built to last, and backed by Ikelite's long-standing reputation for excellence.

All camera controls are fully functional through the housing and depth rated to 200ft (60m). Easy open latch and drop in camera loading make set-up a breeze.

Housing measures 6' (15.2cm) wide; 4.4' (11cm) high including controls; 3.4' (8.6cm) deep including port. The housing weighs just 1 lb (0.45kg) above water and is nearly neutral underwater with camera installed.

Includes a 1cc tube of silicone lubricant, vinyl lanyard, flash diffuser, and flash deflector.

#0132.45 Spare Main Housing O-Ring
#5020 Silicone Lubricant in 4 1cc Tubes
This housing is available worldwide through any Authorized Ikelite Dealer. Click Here for a complete listing.

Camera's Built-in Flash. An included flash diffuser improves lighting quality when the camera's built-in flash is used. A built-in flash is effective between 1-3 feet (0.3-0.9m) from the subject in clear conditions. For best results an external underwater strobe is recommended.

fish foto
External Color Filters. Replace some of the reds and more natural tones that would otherwise be lost underwater. Available as #6441.31 for tropical blue water and #6441.71 for green water. Filters are effective in shallow, sunny conditions depending on water clarity.
AutoFlash AF-35
External Underwater Strobes. Ikelite strobes are much more powerful, recycle more quickly, and eliminate more backscatter than the camera's built-in flash. The AutoFlash AF35 (pictured at right) is the easiest and most affordable way to add a strobe to your system. Don't settle for flat, blue-green images. The AF35 is effective up to approximately 5 feet (1.5m) from the subject and restores the colors that are otherwise lost. For the best results in all conditions.
Click here to learn more.

W-20 Lens External Accessory Lenses. An external wide angle conversion lens increases angle of coverage so you can get much closer to your subject while still fitting everything in the frame. By reducing the amount of water between the subject and your camera lens, the resulting image will be more crisp and colorful.

Attach 67mm threaded #6420 Ikelite W-20, Inon Type II, and Epoque lenses using the #9306.78 Port Adapter. This adapter can also be used to attach 67mm threaded macro lenses.

Attach bayonet style Inon macro or UWL-100 28AD wide angle lenses using the #9306.85 port adapter. UWL-105AD and UFL-165AD lenses may also be attached using this adapter but only provide a slight benefit due to severe vignetting.

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