Sealife Reefmaster Mini 6.0 Megapixel Digital Camera SL320 069190


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Mfg Part #: SL320
  • Free 2 AA Alkaline Batteries included
  • Free lanyard for camera and housing included
  • Free USB cable lets you upload photos to your computer included
  • Free CD with Photo Express software lets you edit your photos on your computer included
  • Shutter Delay - Less than 1 second
  • Non-slip, rubber armored housing
  • Use it for all your topside photos
  • Easy to operate full function controls
  • 8 Modes - Night and Day from Portrait to Landscape
  • Sea Mode - "Color Booster"Richer colors at deeper depths
  • Instant Focus - from 2ft to Infinity
  • Spy Mode - Takes continuous pictures at set time intervals
  • Video mode with audio feature
  • 14MB built in memory - holds up to an average of 56 pictures
  • SD Card Expandable Memory - See below to order
  • DEPTH: 130 feet

Customer Reviews for Sealife Reefmaster Mini 6.0 Megapixel Digital Camera:

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Rating: Great little dive cam!!!
Reviewer: Ruben H. Melendez  -  View all my reviews
this is my second reefmaster mini. first one lasted all of two dives ... my fault not the cameras. as soon as had it on sale i reordered on the spot. camera is very light, easy to carry and extremely user friendly. it offers just the right options without overwhelming you with choices ... plus no cases to deal with, just a small o-ring to take care of. i love this cam, i just it in my bcs pocket. anything interesting appears just pop out the camera and presto.

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Rating: Love the Sealife
Reviewer: Lari H.
So far the Sealife Reefmaster mini has been a great purchase for us. The picture quality so far has been great. We did learn that you need to remember to set it to sea before you get in the water...especially if your really cold and your trying to get in some pictures quickly before you leave a site. It was difficult trying to read the screen and get it shifted over while we were still in the water. Had we been a bit more familiar with it Im sure it would not have been an issue.

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11 out of 21 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Great Camera!
Reviewer: James Holmes  -  View all my reviews
Excellent camera for entry level underwater photography. Had trouble with mine shutting off after taking a picture and then picture would not be on memory card. Found out it was just the cheap batteries I was using. Camera now takes great pics. The strobe in an excellent investment if taking pictures below 30 or on overcast days.

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Rating: Good camera for the price
Reviewer: shannon s.
I looked at a lot of other cameras before deciding on this one, but what won me over is the features it offered for the price. Are there cheaper cameras out there? Of course! But this seemed to be the best price for what it offered. It took great pics and was actually really easy to use under the water. Also, and this is just vain, but I got several complements on the look of the camera as well - which surprised me. I would definitely recommend this to others.

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Rating: Reefmaster Mini Review
Reviewer: Jennie H.  -  View all my reviews
like the camera. easy to use underwater without being cumbersome. good value for the price. four things: 1) its worth the investment to get the wide angle lens and separate flash. it really increases the quality of the photographs. 2) its really great to have the movie option on the camera. however, be careful as you may find that you hit the movie record button (its close to the buttons you use to review pics, , etc) and burn up a lot of card space recording nothing that interests you. 3) i actually like this camera better for diving than snorkeling. close to the surface, the light makes it a little difficult to completely make sure your picture is in focused, centered, etc. although ive found this is an issue with all cameras with an lcd screen. 4) there doesnt appear a way to use a flash card larger than 1g. therefore, if youre going on a long dive pick your moments appropriately so you dont have to waste time deleting to make room for that great shot. and trust me, youll get some great pictures with this camera that youll want to have enlarged so you need to have it set to the highest quality which takes up more room on the card.

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Rating: Fantabulous!
Reviewer: Carol S.
We just got back from a family trip to the Bahamas. While there, we took a Powerboat Adventures excursion to the Exuma Islands . . . where we not only snorkeled, fed the stingrays and sharks, but also had the opportunity to feed the iguanas on land. The camera performed beautifully . . . and took beautiful LAND pictures as well as underwater. We all took a turn, and our boys ages 12 and 17 especially enjoyed being able to take all kinds of pictures underwater. Only had to change batteries once . . . and we remembered to rinse off the camera so that it did not dry with the seawater on it. Highly HIGHLY recommend this!

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Rating: Great Buy! Sealife Reefmaster Mini 6.0 Megapixel Digital Camera
Reviewer: Terry Harrison  -  View all my reviews
I bought this camera for a snorkeling/scuba diving trip to St. Lucia in December. Ordering from was quick and easy. Delivery was prompt and actually 2 days earlier than advertized. The camera took very nice pictures above water as well as underwater. I upgraded to a 1 gig SD card and had plenty of room for photos (took over 250 photos)and two videos (5 min and 12 minutes) with room for 97 photos left. One issue I had with the camera, it was hard to take good photos underwater with the fish moving (lots of blurred photos). After seeing this the first time, I started taking numerous photos of moving items underwater and weeded out the blurred photos later on land. I used lithium batteries and only changed them 1 time in ten days. Overall I beleive it was a very good purchase and will be taking it with me on all of my outdoor adventures due to it being waterproof and dust proof.

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Rating: Sealife Mini 6.0
Reviewer: Nancy Q.
I just returned from Jamaica where I used this camera for the 1st time. I admit I should have spent more time reviewing the manual before going but overall still managed to get some nice pictures while snorkeling and diving. I will have to do this now using my pictures as reference to what works and what doesnt ie. "Sea" setting vs "Auto". The camera was very easy to use and a nice size. It also took some pretty nice pictures above the water so can be used for both vs taking a 2nd camera. I would recommend the Sealife Mini to others and am considering getting a flash in the near future. Thanks.

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Rating: Sealife Reefmaster Mini
Reviewer: Chris S.  -  View all my reviews
Our first U/W digital camera. Lowest price around. This camera worked great! Next trip I will leave behind the second camera used for shoreside photos. I have read that this camera drains batteries.... I took 24AAs and used maybe six. Great pictures though I will be getting a strobe.

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Rating: Great little camera
Reviewer: Fred Ende
Just used the Sealife Reefmaster Mini for some diving in Aruba. Camera worked great, was easy to use, and took high quality stills and video. While it makes more sense to use it for underwater shots, it held its own for land-based shots as well. In addition, it easily handled a number of hits and bumps, showing wear and tear with only a few minor scratches. My only complaint, albeit a small one, is the zoom function. For a camera like this, zoom capabilities should be better, and more in the hands of the picture-taker. A great camera for the price!

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