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Innovative Deluxe Snorkel Vest with Crotch Strap And Whistle

Innovative Deluxe Snorkel Vest with Crotch Strap And Whistle Customer reviews see below

  • Free Safety Whistle included
  • Ideal for the unique requirements of snorkelers
  • Ribbed baffles for added styling and comfort
  • 280 Denier
  • Streamlined and comfortable
  • Standard plastic inflator valve
  • Screw-down oral inflator
  • Removable crotch strap keeps the vest from riding-up when inflated
  • Scuba.com logo
  • COLOR: High Visibility Safety Yellow with Blue Accents
  • SIZES: Kids/Junior(up to 100lbs), Adult(100-200lbs), XL Adult(200+ lbs)

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Customer Reviews for Innovative Deluxe Snorkel Vest with Crotch Strap And Whistle:

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Average Customer Review: based on 16 reviews.

Rating: Snorkle vest
Reviewer: Judy Reabuck
My wife and I are retired and we love to get in the water every chance and trip we can. Recent dives included Maui, Akumal, Mexico and Key West. This vest has greatly increased our safety and confidence posture while in the water and we would highly encourage anyone of any age who snorkles to wear it.

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23 out of 40 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Vest recommended!
Reviewer: Holly M.
first of all a few things about me: i like good equipment, i research to find the best of quality and cost (without skimping), i am in my 40s, in good shape but could loose a few ), and im a water baby. so.... i went to several dive shops and looked extensively online for a snorkeling vest. this vest is one of the best i was able to find in craftsmanship, material, and cost. the material is soft and very sturdy with durable stitching and sealing. the neck area is open and comfortable. i found the shape of the neck opening much more comfortable than other snorkeling vests ive worn. nothing rubbed by body or arms. the vest is light weight so if youre packing for a plane ride its all good. as far as the colors go. the day-glo yellow is great for visibility and the blue is a nice contrast. im a designer and photographer by nature and so youll have to take my word on the fact that the design and color just works well :) the strap is a strap and does what its supposed to do. someday someone will invent a great accessory for the purpose of holding a vest in place, but until then, this one is pretty good. with minimal adjustment the vest stays in place. i did not notice any scaffing, rubbing, or hot spots on either the vest or the strap. (by the way, the strap is long so it will fit everyone. cut yours to suit [cut with scissors burn end of new cut to seal fabric dip cut end in cold water to complete dont burn you or your house down!!!] leave at least 10 inches to drag (for adjustment and in case you eat doughnuts for a month and gain a little). do not loop the extra if at all possible loops can get caught on strange things of the sea). this vest should work on all body types and continue to be comfortable. what would make any snorkeling vest a 5 star to me is when you dont have to adjust it at all ... but that vest doesnt exist yet. also, this vest would have gotten 4.5 stars if it had a small mesh pocket with a drawstring (something to keep my mask spit and the awesome sharks tooth i found last week!!!)

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171 out of 343 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Crystal River trip
Reviewer: Cecil S.  -  View all my reviews
We purchased our vests for a trip to Crystal and Rainbow rivers in Florida. These vets provide us with a sense of security. Well made with great visablity.

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33 out of 62 people found this review helpful.

Rating: If your boat says you need one, this is it!!
Reviewer: sherly l.  -  View all my reviews
If you have to wear one to comply with regualtions or if you need that extra support, this is the most comfortable. The material is so smooth I dont even need to wear a rash guard. You can inflate it just slightly and it doesnt hinder your snorkeling. Great!

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350 out of 665 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Innovative Deluxe Snorkel Vest
Reviewer: Jan Edgar
Great value for the money!

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55 out of 112 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Safety and Comfort While Snorkeling
Reviewer: Gary K.
It was going to be my daughters first experience with snorkeling. She swims, but was a little concerned about being in the ocean so I ordered a snorkeling vest. It worked great. It gave her that little bit of confidence she needed to relax while going into the ocean with snorkeling gear shed only tried in a hot tub. It kept her buoyant so that she didnt have to tread water or swim to stay afloat. The quality of the vest was excellant, and there were no leaks whatsoever. It made my daughters first snorkeling experience fun and safe. It also made my wife and I feel a lot better about any concerns we had about safety. On our second day of snorkeling, we were off a boat in much deeper water and the vest worked to help identify her in a crowd of folks in the water.

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417 out of 869 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Very Functional
Reviewer: Joe Pearson  -  View all my reviews
We decided to get a flotation vest for safety when snorkeling in "less-familiar" waters. After un-nerving experiences in rough waters and swift currents, the vests have proven to be very easy to use and have provided the level of comfort we we seeking. They stay out of the way in use and are easily accessed when needed. Two puffs of air and they are inflated so we can relax on the surface. A twist of the valve and a squeeze and were diving again. The high visibility colors and the storm whistle round out this vest as a the perfect safety gear. I highly recommend these vests.

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508 out of 1070 people found this review helpful.

Rating: More at ease in the water
Reviewer: Elizabeth M.
The Innovative Deluxe Snorkel Vest is comfortable, easy to inflate/deflate and helps make snorkeling more secure and puts you at ease. We took ours to Grand Turk. They worded great.

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220 out of 392 people found this review helpful.

Rating: high quality product
Reviewer: Kathleen H.
I am very happy with the quality of the vest. Using the vest gave me feeling of confidence and sense security during my last snorkling adventure.

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423 out of 812 people found this review helpful.

Rating: good vest
Reviewer: daniel s.  -  View all my reviews
just got back from cozumel. bought the vest for my wife and she loved it. comfortable and highly visible. recommend to others.

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465 out of 982 people found this review helpful.

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