Zeagle 6lb Cylinder Mount Trim Pouch 8050S 004270

Mfg Part #: 8050S
  • 6-lb capacity
  • Specialized for areas where greater amounts of weight are required
  • Mounts on the side of tank
  • Fits any BC with 2" tank band
  • Black only
  • Lead weight not included

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Rating: Zeagle 6lb Cylinder Mount Trim Pouch Review - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews
Reviewer: Carlos L.
Excellent product very well made, very satisfied with the product help me the trim greatly with my zeagle bcd ranger very happy with it I would recommend this product to anyone looking to improve their trim and balance

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Questions and Answers for Zeagle 6lb Cylinder Mount Trim Pouch:

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8050S Trim Weight Pouch

Individual. Mounts on any standard tank band.

Hook & loop closure
6 lb capacity

Are Zeagle BC’s worn differently?
Yes. Because of the uniqueness of the design, the Zeagle System will fit quite differently from a conventional BC. The waistband will be lower, well below the diaphragm (so it won’t restrict your breathing), the front of the BC is open, reducing restrictions further, and the buoyancy is low down on the back and sides, where it can expand outward without compressing your chest. The result is greater comfort and a more balanced attitude in the water.

Why do you put the weights in the BC?
Including the weights as part of the buoyancy system improves balance and comfort in the water- it keeps your body from being pulled in different directions by the opposing forces of lift and weights. All Zeagle BC’s since 1982 have been designed to be weight integrated.

How do you drop the weights in an emergency?
Zeagle’s patented Ripcord system allows for a single point instantaneous release of the weights from almost any position in the water. When compared to a weightbelt release or the two handed systems used on many other weight integrated BC's the Ripcord is far simpler and more reliable. Some BC's offer a more economical pull out system that requires a two sided release to drop all the weights.

Isn’t it too heavy to lift?
In most circumstances we recommend that the diver put on their BC first, then place the weights in the weight pockets. This avoids having to lift the entire scuba system and weights together.

What’s the Personal Fit System?
People come in more than five sizes- the Personal Fit System is a system of interchangeable components that allows your Zeagle dealer to custom fit a buoyancy system to your body and your style of diving. In addition to fitting waist size, chest size, and torso length independently, we can adjust the style of various components and the amount of lift in the buoyancy system to match the type of diving you do.

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