Zeagle Zip On Spare-Air Mount 8066 004240

Mfg Part #: 8066

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Rating: Zeagle zip-on spare air mount
Reviewer: DAVID J.
This is a great product that keeps your spare air within reach at all times. This is a must have if you own a spare air unit. It can be modified to work with most BCs using zip ties if you do not own your own zeagle BC.

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Rating: Excellent product
Reviewer: Richard P E.  -  View all my reviews
I love this mount as it keeps my spare air in reach yet out of the way, freeing mounts up for other things. Love my Ranger LTD and all its accessories!

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Rating: Adaptable for backplates
Reviewer: Russell Person  -  View all my reviews
I took this zip on spare air holder, added a couple plastic gromets from harbor freight and zip tied to my backplate on the back with the spare air hanging upside down. Works great

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All Zeagle Buoyancy Systems are hand sewn from the best available materials and heavily reinforced at all stress points. Our style of construction is labor intensive and expensive, but it results in a more durable, better fitting BC. Individual components of the system are replaceable or repairable if damaged. This quality of construction makes it possible for us to offer a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. If a defect appears or the system fails at any time while you own it, Zeagle will repair or replace the system free of charge.

Spare Air Pouch

Made from an elastic nylon weave, this pouch securely holds your spare air bottle allowing it to be quickly zipped and unzipped from your LTD wing. A nylon webbing strap with a hook & loop closure secures the neck of the bottle.

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