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Ideations Dive Alert  

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Ideations Dive Alert Customer reviews

Scuba Lab Testers Choice!
  • The most effective and convenient surface signaling device available
  • Attaches between the power inflator and the low pressure hose
  • Installation is easy and takes only a moment
  • Specially designed, small, lightweight air horn
  • Uses a small amount of air from your SCUBA tank to make a piercingly loud sound
  • Comes in 3 BC styles
    • Standard Type I - Compatible with 85% of all standard power inflators except if fitted with the a breathable type inflator. If your Bouyancy Compensator "BC" is equipped with a breathable type inflator select an option below
    • Type II - Compatible with Aeris Air Link, Oceanic Air XS2, Zeagle Octo+, Aqualung Air Mic, Seaquest Air Source, Apeks Octo+ or Beuchat Venturi
    • Type III - Compatible Sherwood Gemini, Tusa Duo-Air, DiveRite RiteSource, H2Odyssea Inflator plus, Atomic SS1 or Scuba Pro Air II, Zeagle Octo-Z Breathable Inflator

And the reviews are in:
"At Cocos Island the currents can be wild. I surfaced over 100 yards away from the pickup Zodiac. One blast from my Dive-Alert and they saw me. It's simply attached, effective and could be a life saver. I wouldn't leave home without it." -Stan Waterman / Underwater Cinematographer

"...a crocodile or by a horde of mosquitoes. With Dive-Alert the tender quickly found me
and turned what could have been an all-night stay in a Raja Ampat mangrove swamp into a non-issue!"
-Norbert Wu / Underwater Photographer

Type II ADD $17.00
Type III ADD $17.00

Scuba Duffel Bag $39.95

Silicone Grease $3.95

Dive Flag and Float $15.95


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Items per page
Jacket/Vest Style BC  |  Back Inflation BC  |  BC For Women
BC Accessories  |  Technical BC