Mares 2.5mm Reef Wetsuit 482082.S 149269

Mfg Part #: 482082
  • Textured knee pads provide exceptional grip and durability
  • Back Zip with Leash (pull cord)
  • Great flexibility
  • Adjustable velcro collar - helps keep cold out
  • Designed and contoured to fit like a second skin
  • COLOR: Black with Grey and White accents
  • MENS SIZES: Small through 3XLarge

Customer Reviews for Mares 2.5mm Reef Wetsuit:

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Rating: Mares 2.5mm Reef Wetsuit Review - Scuba Gear Reviews
Reviewer: Stephen Ulrich  -  View all my reviews
Bought this wetsuit for a trip to the Bahamas. Kept me warm through two whole days of diving at 105 feet. Would highly Recommend this to anyone who dives warm water.

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Rating: Mares 2.5mm Reef Wetsuit Review - Scuba Gear Reviews
Simple The Best Very confortable Design and quality Thanks

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Questions and Answers for Mares 2.5mm Reef Wetsuit:

  • Alvaro:

    Is it 2.5 mm arms & shoulders and 5 mm core, or is it 2.5mm constant?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    It is a 2.5mm suit through out its construction.

  • Da:

    Please, my height is 6´1 and my weight is 114kg. What is my Mares Wet Suit sizes, 2XL or 3XL? Thanks

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    The waist and chest are the most important measurements for the fit with a wetsuit. Height usually will work even if it is one to two inches short or tall. Weight will depend on the divers body build and is the last measurement to consider.

  • Karl:

    Hi ! Is there in stock to immediate shipping ?

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    The Ask the Expert system is an ongoing product information database. For more information about alternate products or for more specific information on individual items (such as serial numbers or product availability) please contact our instructors at


    hi there i just wanted to ask is this item available or i have to wait for the stock as always.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Hussain, yes we have these in-stock.

  • Noel:

    Does this wetsuit have any wrist, ankle, neck seals (aquastop finish) at all. I heard a rumor that this is some version of the normal Reef that has no seals at all.

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    According to Mares, the wrists and ankles are finished with a glide-skin material for a better seal.

  • Noel:

    Just a follow up on my original question....there are NO ankle, wrist, or neck seals on this model.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Noel, there is a glide skin material that is at the end of the wrist and ankles that help you slide your arms and legs thur easier. But no there is no seal in the wrist and ankles.

  • Michael:

    Im 5"8 175 what size suit what size do I need

    Aaron  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hi Michael, the most important measurements any time you purchase a wetsuit using the manufacturer''''s sizing charts will always be your waist and chest/bust measurements. The suit needs to fit your torso correctly in order to do its job properly. Keep in mind there is no such thing as a comfortable wetsuit on the surface. You want it to be snug, but not cut off circulation to your extremities. The more snug it is, the thinner the layer of water your body is heating. If its too loose you will remain warm for awhile, but eventually your body won''''t be able to keep up with the greater amount of water flowing through the suit and you''''ll wind up getting cold faster. After that your height is a secondary measurement. The manufacturers realize that generally speaking your boots and gloves can overlap slightly short arms and legs, or the diver can push or roll up longer sleeves and/or arms if need be.

482082 - Reef Wetsuit

Cool, stretchy and ideal for temperate water

• Custom closure and back zip puller
• Preshaped cut
• Chest mesh skin

Reef is the ideal 3mm suit for warm water dives. Wrist, ankle and neck seals are enriched with the aquastop finish. These applications reduce the continuous water flow. The chest area comes with a soft and stretchy rubber panel making this suit ideal for multiple surface water sports.

Thickness: 2.5mm
Product Details
Code: 412511
Hood: No

Product Features

Warm Water: Neoprene thickness of 3 millimeter or less. Shoulder color coding: white.

Temperate Water: Neoprene thickness of 5 millimeter. Shoulder color coding: red (men); blue fog (women).


Trilastic is our distinctive marking, the symbol of Mares know-how in terms of Neoprene.

At the start, Trilastic was identified with the idea of developing a dive suit with Neoprene sheets of different thicknesses. The greatest thickness is positioned at the core chest area and back, gradually thinning out on the arms and legs down to the wrists and ankles, where the material used is not just thinner but also more elastic, to improve seal and, of course, facilitate putting the suit on and taking it off.

Today, Trilastic has greater meaning. It is a world of materials, linings, finishes, zippers, and technical details that all aim to create the ideal suit for every need and every type of dive. Trilastic means mating the most suitable type of material to each section of the body for that particular type of dive.

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