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Oceanic Ultra Dry Mini Snorkel

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Customer Reviews for Oceanic Ultra Dry Mini Snorkel:

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Rating: Perfect Pink!
Reviewer: Richard H.,   
Bought all Ultra Dry Snorkels for the family, 2 mini and 2 regular. Size was great for all! Nice to have the option to get the mouthpiece changed if needed, but size fit was accurate for all. Youngest has braces, and the mouthpiece still fits good (and comfortable)! Very happy with all Scuba.com items, have purchased lots of items from this website, and VERY satisfied!

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54 out of 107 people found this review helpful.

Rating: great snorkel
Reviewer: Deidra Ryan,  - View all my reviews
I love the color and the features and it was a great price.

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9 out of 19 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Excellent Snorkel
Reviewer: Michael M.,  - View all my reviews
I have several of these snorkels. I have a spare for myself and a mini-ultra-dry snorkel for my son. I especially like the very flexible tube. Very comfortable.

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22 out of 43 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Amazing Snorkel
Reviewer: Jason D.,
I got a couple of these mini snorkels for my kids and they are perfect. I have no more worries about my kids accidentally getting choked. I have the larger size for my wife and myself and they work perfect too. You cant even get water in these things even if you try.

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193 out of 425 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Perfection
Reviewer: albert l.,
Functions as advertised.

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28 out of 59 people found this review helpful.

Rating: 039328-131710-034009-039239-36004
Reviewer: Jeanette B.,
Love all my stuff good quality, came quickly

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55 out of 112 people found this review helpful.

Rating: I think it works!
Reviewer: Julie N.,  - View all my reviews
just got back from my first trip snorkeling with this product. overall i would say it works. i wasnt really in an environment where i needed the "dry" feature - and im too much of a chicken to try going under totally under water - so i didnt really get to check it out. the only problems that i had were 1) im small (95 lbs) with a tiny mouth (my dentist always uses the kid size trays, x-rays, etc) but i didnt feel like there was enough of a mouth piece to grab onto - so i would consider the standard size 2) i had a hard time latching my mask into the fitting on side so there was one time that i was snorkeling and it fell sideways - i can tell you that it wont stay "dry" if it does this (wouldt expect it to!)!

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447 out of 874 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Oceanic Ultra Dry mini snorkel
Reviewer: Sandra D.,  - View all my reviews
The dry snorkel lives up to its name. It works great! It is easy to clear and has a comfortable mouth piece. Bright yellow color makes it easy to spot in the water when its choppy.

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160 out of 329 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Oceanic snorkel
Reviewer: Fran C.,  - View all my reviews
Two weeks snorkeling in Hawaii and this snorkel was great!! As a novice snorkeler (when we arrived) I easily transitioned to a more daring and bold adventurer during our trip, with the knowledge that my snorkel would not allow those pesky ocean waves to swamp my snorkel. From the north shore of Oahu to all of the West beaches of Maui, snorkeling during an ocean kayaking trip (where we swam with the sea turtles!) the crater at Molikini.... my snorkel stayed dry. I had the confidence to venture further than ever before, leaving the crowds behind. My husband is an experienced (ex-Navy) diver and he was a little surprised at how daring I had become with my new best friend. I gained so much confidence being in the ocean, I actually went on a snuba trip at Molikini!! (where the tanks stay on top of the water... ) This snorkel made a huge difference for me and my ability to enjoy being in the water, getting up close and personal with the sea life. It is absolutely worth the extra few dollars for hours of confidence while snorkeling.

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458 out of 918 people found this review helpful.

Reviewer: JOHN P.,  - View all my reviews
this snorkel REALLY works as advertised, and has an full warranty against leakage. how could you go wrong?

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244 out of 508 people found this review helpful.

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