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Oceanic Pocket Semi-Dry Snorkel

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Rating: Good product
Reviewer: Dale Bolton
Ive always had an issue with mask leakage. A dive buddy switched to this snorkel and suggested I try it. It works well and solved my problem. It fits well in my bed pocket and I have the peace of mind knowing its there if I need it. I would of given it 5 stars but for extended surface use it just isnt as good as a good quality regular snorkel.

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Rating: For Those Who Dont Really Need A Snorkel
Reviewer: Ray T.  -  View all my reviews
this is the third pocket snorkel i have purchased. the others have fallen out of my bc pockets because theyre so small.....this i consider my faultoperator error. the good: it is small and very portable. you dont have to swim around with your snorkel dragging on one side of your mask. the bad: its really not a solid snorkel. the keeper mechanism will pull off, leaving the snorkel held in only by your biting on the mouthpiece. i am dubious that it might not hold in really rough seas when you would need it the most. my advice would be to buy one and carry it in very calm water situations. in more dicey swells, i would advise using a regular snorkel.

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Rating: Pocket Semi-Dry Snorkel Clear
Reviewer: Irina Z.
The idea of the folding snorkel is excellent, however the implementation is not. You have to really apply force to fold it and then you have to put the sling over the folded snorkel. Its not convenient at all. Ive used to have another folding snorkel before (unfortunately, Ive lost it during my last diving trip) and it had a hard plastic piece that was a folding part, the snorkel was folding almost like a pocket knife and stayed folded, no sling required.

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Rating: Very handy
Reviewer: Douglas Garrou  -  View all my reviews
I cant stand a snorkel dangling from my mask, but this one is easy to carry all folded up in a BC pocket, and then pop on when needed. I always appreciate a snorkel when Im bobbing around, waiting to be hauled out!

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Rating: perfect
Reviewer: Gregory M.  -  View all my reviews
took this on a recent trip to mexico so that i wouldnt have to have a snorkel dangling off the mask all week. (most divers didnt carry a snorkel at allpadi would be appaled) fits easily in a bc pocket, works well. just what the dive doctor ordered.

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Rating: Bottom Line: "I would buy it again"
Reviewer: Robert L.  -  View all my reviews
My son and I went to Roatan and dove with the standard snorkel hanging off of our heads all of the time. A friend recommended switching to a foldable snorkel and simply keeping it in a pocket on the BC. This model from Oceanic is well engineered and works like a charm. In advance you simply place a very small mating disk (similar to rebust velcro) to the strap of your mask (less than the size of a quarter) and when you want your snorkel on the surface BAM! you whip it out of its BC pocket and attach to your mask strap and you are in business. Super quick and ends the presence of a useless underwater snorkel.

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Rating: Foldable snorkel
Reviewer: Janelle Sanda  -  View all my reviews
I hate having a snorkel hanging on my head while diving, but like to have one available just in case you end up spending prolonged time on the surface. I didnt actually have to use the snorkel on my recent trip, but it folded up and fit into a small BC pocket. The super velcro-type attachment to mask strap also makes it easy to secure in place when needed.

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Rating: Great, flexible snorkel
Reviewer: Larry Eggert  -  View all my reviews
I now own 3 or these. I keep one in my BCD, use 1 for snorkeling at the gym pool and keep one in my travel pack. They are compact, durable, clear easily and are "semi-dry". They also breathe easily. That means you get a little water in, but most drains and it is very easy to clear. Highly recommended!

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Rating: For those annoyed by dangling snorkles
Reviewer: Dory Drago  -  View all my reviews
Folds compactly and the mask attachment clip is very good.

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Rating: oceanıc pocket semı-dry snorkel
Reviewer: Akin A.  -  View all my reviews
it ıs good as i expect

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Questions and Answers for Oceanic Pocket Semi-Dry Snorkel:

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A good diver is always prepared. For divers that dislike wearing a snorkel, but know that they should always be prepared, Oceanic provides an innovative solution. The Pocket Snorkel folds neatly and out of the way in your BC pocket when not in use.

Easily removed and folded for storage in BC pocket
Dimensions when folded are 7' by 4' by 2.1/2'
Dry top deflector prevents water entry
Drop away flex mouthpiece
Oversized purge valve for easy clearing
Patented Snorkel Lock allows easy removal and attachment
Replaceable 100% liquid silicone mouthpiece


Allows you to breathe while on the surface without lifting your head out of the water.


Position the snorkel on the outside of the mask strap so it will be just forward of your left ear. Carefully lift the tab located at the bottom of the keeper slightly away from the barrel of the snorkel, and slide the keeper down over the mask strap and release the tab.


To hold the snorkel in your mouth, gently bite on the mouthpiece tabs and keep your lips sealed around the mouthpiece. While snorkeling, keep your chin slightly up so the top of the snorkel stays out of the water. Water that does enter when you dive underwater or encounter a wave can be removed by exhaling a sharp blast of air into the mouthpiece. Use caution when inhaling in case some of the water is not removed. Repeat as necessary.

If water enters more frequently than normal, ensure that the snorkel is positioned properly on the mask strap, make sure that your mouth is sealed around the mouthpiece, and make sure that the end of the snorkel is out of the water while you are swimming. Also check to ensure that there are no holes or cuts in the mouthpiece, and that the round silicone purge valve located in the bottom of the barrel is not distorted or missing and is sealing the opening.

Care & Maintenance

At the end of each day of use, rinse your snorkel thoroughly in fresh water and towel dry. Do not allow the clear silicone portions of the snorkel to come in contact with items that are black rubber. This will cause the clear silicone to become discolored. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or excessive heat. Ensure that the snorkel is completely dry before storing. Store in a cool, dry location.

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