Atomic Spare / Replacement Snorkel Keeper 06-0001-00 036010

Mfg Part #: 06-0001-00
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Rating: atomic snorkel keeper
Reviewer: Brent S.
The snorkel keepers on these snorkels are a very nice design, and the ability to easily replace them if you break them is great and they are very well priced The only issue with the design is they do tend to brack easily so make sure you carry extra spare parts or normal rubber snorkel keeprs as it could just ruin your days diving

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  • JON:

    Will this snorkel keeper fit over a standard round 1-inch snorkel to keep the snorkel to the mask, or will it only work with this brand?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    This only works with Atomic snorkels.

Atomic even designed a better snorkel keeper

Quick disconnect snorkel keeper includes 30 degree rotation.
Sliding snorkel keeper range adjuster allows for accurate placement without constant re-adjusting each dive.
Atomic Aquatics’ international and award winning styling team makes the SV1 and SV2 high performance snorkels something you would be proud to use.

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