Apeks XTX200 Regulator AP0334F 033391

Mfg Part #: AP0334F
Scuba Lab Testers Choice!
  • Brand new & completely redesigned 
  • Not like most other sites that sell the old discontinued model
  • Nitrox Compatible to 40% (The Recreational Limits of Nitrox)
  • "Diver Adjustable" Airflow
  • Over-balanced first stage achieves superior performance by increasing your air flow the deeper you go
  • Environmentally sealed first stage to prevent water entry, prevents silt sand and even ice
  • Designed for extreme depths and cold water
  • Pneumatically balanced second stage
  • Large tactile controls to adjust the venturi system at any point during the dive
  • DCE (Diver Changeable Exhaust) system - 2 exhaust-T's with the ability to change from a compact
    to an ultra wide exhaust-T for better bubble dispersion
  • "Diver Adjustable" venturi to prevent unwanted free-flow
  • Includes Comfo-bite mouthpiece - eliminates jaw fatigue (Optional: Small mouthpiece available see below to order)

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Rating: Awesome Produce: Apeks XTX200 Regulator
Reviewer: Russell S.
i have used, and owned, an awful lot of regulators since i started diving in 1972. this regulator tops the bunch. the breathing effort is wonderful fully adjustable, and the venturi makes a lot of difference. the combination of this regulator with the apeks xtx50 octo yellow alternate is a no brainer. a definite would recommend to a friend, and if ever needed i would buy this regulator again.

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Questions and Answers for Apeks XTX200 Regulator:

  • Robert:

    Hello All at S.com, Can you please tell me where I can get my Apeks XTX200 and XTX40 Octopus serviced. I live in Lancaster, California and would like to get it done by someone familiar with the line. Thanks, God Bless, Bob F.

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Your best bet would be to contact Apeks directly and inquire where the closest authorized facility to you may be.

  • Dejalma:

    Is it compatible with 300 bar din?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Dejalma, the 2nd Stage regulator is but you would need to convert the 1st Stage to a DIN.

  • Nicole:

    Hello. Does the Apeks regulator and free octo come assembled at your end or do we need to get a dive shop to assemble it for us? Thank you

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    All equipment requiring assembly will be assembled by one of our instructors prior to shipping.

  • Bob:

    WHAT OCTO DO YOULIKE THE BEST? what is the difference between the xtx200 reg and the xtx tung reg?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    The main difference is the materials used to manufacture the regs. One being the more common brass/chrome plating and the other using the much harder tungsten.

  • Rober:

    witch is a better regulator ? apeks tung xtx regulator or a scuba pro mk 25evo/a700 regulator thank you!

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Rober, with everything each regulator offers the one I would suggest for you would be the http://www.scuba.com/scuba-gear-36/033389/Apeks-Tungsten-XTX-Regulator.html. The Apeks has a environmentally sealed first stage where the ScubaPro does not have this feature. Also the diver exhaust is changeable with the Apeks and ScubaPro does not have this.

  • bob:

    which octo should I buy with the apeks reg?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Many people like to keep their reg and octo of the same manufacturer for convenience. Others aren''t as concerned about that and will pick one for more functional reasons, such as streamlined size or even integrated with their bcd. There is really no bad choice but rather one more of personal preference.

Auxiliary Emergency Breathing Systems and the new European Standard Our new XTX regulators are the first in the world to meet this major Safety Standard.

The Apeks XTX200 topped independent regulator reviews and was respected as one of the best regulators in the world. To improve on this was not an easy task. Our new XTX200 takes all that is good from its predecessor and offers even more. Not only has the regulator been brought right up to date with stunning looks but we have also made functional improvements. The 1st stage has been redesigned to offer improved gas flow which now enables this to accept a 5th port (pictured right, not included as standard). The 2nd stage is now manufactured with active protection against infection as all moulded parts are produced with an additive that kills MRSA, protects against E-Coli, bacteria and fungi, and is also very effective against viruses, mould, yeast and algae. One of the new features is a purge button that is larger for easier diver use and also now offers a dual flow rate purge for different operations. We have also redesigned the diver adjustable controls with improved ergonomics on the Venturi lever and the Cracking Resistance Control. Every aspect of the new XTX200 has been thought about to bring the whole unit together so that it not only performs exceptionally well but also looks the part.

Click to view close-up picture of this product

Click to view close-up picture of this product
The XTX200 can be converted from a right handed hose configuration (as supplied from the APEKS factory) to a left handed one. This regulator also features a Reversible Venturi System (RVS). Changing the regulator to a left handed configuration is both quick and simple and can be performed by any APEKS Authorised Service Technician.

The 2nd stage of the XTX200 features the Diver Changeable Exhaust System (DCE) giving divers the ability to change from a small to a large exhaust. It offers the user a choice of the wider exhaust tee for minimal bubble interference (great for underwater photography) and the narrow exhaust tee for a smaller compact comfortable regulator (ideal for travel). The exhausts are made from strong, yet light-weight material, essential for the diving environment. We supply different coloured mouthpieces and exhausts for regulator individualisation, useful when using multiple regulators with different mixes.

This new XTX200 incorporates a new design of front cover manufactured using high strength materials which protect the most vulnerable part of the demand valve. Quality chrome plated metallic features immediately identify this regulator as a top of the range model.

The design of the purge button has improved even further than its predecessor. The original XTX200 improved on the purge itself. Due to the open design the purge was self clearing and prevented debris build-up. All this is still evident in the new model but with added benefits. The purge button is now larger for easier operation and also offers a dual flow rate purge.

The new Venturi lever still reduces the amount of grit ingress and therefore resists any possible friction giving a smooth operation. The new version has been re-designed with improved ergonomics.

A swivel hose connection is available at an extra cost. This allows the demand valve end of the hose connection to rotate and pivot, providing a more comfortable fit.

The silicone exhaust valve of the XTX200 improves breathing performance.

Weight: Yoke 1272g ... DIN 1142g

Click to view close-up picture of this product

Click to view close-up picture of this product
The graph below shows the breathing cycle of the Apeks XTX200 regulator at 0.56 J/L. Performance is calculated by plotting and recording this cycle. The inhalation line begins on the right hand side and runs along the bottom to the left. The first oscillation (termed the cracking spike) represents the effort required to initially open the valve and begin air delivery. Even at the testing depth of 50 metres the graph shows the low Work Of Breathing (WOB), indicating the diver is expending almost no energy in maintaining air flow. The cycle continues and the upper line (left to right) represents the WOB whilst exhaling (greater due to increased gas density at depth). The total WOB is calculated by measuring the total area within the loop.

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First Stage

Compact one piece body
4 angled medium pressure ports,
4 x 3/8' UNF
2 angled high pressure ports,
2 x 7/16' UNF
Environmentally dry sealed system
Attractive black and luxurious satin
silver chrome finish
Balanced for superior performance
Removable ARCAP valve seat
Second Stage

Adjustable cracking control
Integrated venturi control
Pneumatically balanced valve design
Micro Adjuster
Suitable for cold water use
Bright Chrome Finish
Right or Left hand hose configuration
Metal Inserted front cover
New Optional Extra Hose Swivel connection
Changeable Exhaust Tees (DCE, Diver Changeable Exhaust) (Both sets supplied)
Identical to the XTX100 except for model number decal
Nitrox versions available

Available for shipment to U.S. zip codes only

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