Sherwood Blizzard Scuba Regulator SRB9910 033256

Mfg Part #: SRB7900
  • 2 exhaust-T's with the ability to change from a compact to a ultra wide exhaust-T for better bubble dispersion
  • Anti-freeze balanced 1st stage designed for cold water
  • Heat Sink that transfers ambient heat to help prevent freeze-up
  • Plated fins/Heat sink which retains warmth, helps prevent freeze-up
  • Balanced high flow first stage moving orifice that maintains consistent air pressure in second stage, even at low tank pressures for comfortable breathing
  • Baffled and extended exhaust tee which reduces regulator bounce and jaw fatigue
  • Patented Primary air sensing channel system to help you breathe comfortably under high demand conditions
  • Wisdom mouthpiece which alleviates jaw fatigue by easing bite needed to hold regulator
  • Dry air bleed system which prevents internal contamination and improves reliability, resists freeze-up

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"...A pleasure to use..." -Diver Magazine

Customer Reviews for Sherwood Blizzard Scuba Regulator:

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Rating: Reliable Coldwater Reg
Reviewer: Stephen S.
I have always owned Sherwood regulators and have never been disappointed. For work, the Blizzard is our standard use reg and it has been a workhorse for over 12 years. Have used the Blizzard in water temps around 30F with no ice-up problems. Its a good, dependable regulator.

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Rating: 033256 Sherwood Blizzard Scuba Regulator REGULATOR ONLY
Reviewer: Fred Krueger
The best set of Cold Water regs I have ever owned. I never had a cold water freeze up.

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Rating: Blizzard in a heat wave!
Reviewer: Daniel Phillips  -  View all my reviews
Blizzard is good all around set up. After 6 dives in Cancun in May 2006, max 65, and 11 dives in Hawaii, max 105, in September 2006 the regulator works well without dry mouth. I had advanced open water training in Garret Bay, Door County, WI in September 2006 and the regulator was great. Water temp below thermocline was 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Waiting to get the chance to take near freezing mark as I progress towards Master Scuba Diver.

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Rating: Great Ice Diving Regulator
Reviewer: David Lent  -  View all my reviews
I used my blizzard in my ice diving class and it was the only regulator used in the class that didnt freeflow on any of the dives. I have 86 dives on this regulator and Ive never had any problems.

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296 out of 626 people found this review helpful.

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