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Mfg Part #: 03-0070-6P

Air & Nitrox Compatible

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"The T2x is the Rolls Royce of regs, with top-drawer performance, exotic metalwork and lots of cool features."
- Scuba Lab
"10 stars" (Perfect score) - Diver Magazine

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Atomic Aquatics T2x Regulator
Why Titanium?
Atomic Aquatics was the first to design and manufacture an all-Titanium diving regulator. This exotic metal was chosen for its absolute corrosion-resistance in ocean water, its strength, and its amazing light weight. Atomic developed and refined groundbreaking and cost efficient fabrication processes for Titanium to bring the T2x to divers who desire only the best.

The Finest Regulator Ever Designed
Divers and industry experts have verified that bold claim
The T2x is designed to be the highest performing, most corrosion resistant and best looking regulator on the market—PERIOD. The ultra-lightweight T2x is the perfect travel regulator, especially for remote diving destinations where every pound of excess baggage counts – and regulator repair is not an option.

First Stage:

First stage components precision-machined from solid bar
Titanium that is lightweight and corrosion-free
Atomic Jet Seat high-flow piston first stage
Freeze protected factory-sealed first stage also prevents contamination such as silt and sand
Nitrox ready for dedicated EAN use with mixtures up to 40%
New T2x for non-dedicated EAN use with mixtures up to 40%
First stage ports: 2 HP fixed / 5 LP on swivel cap

Second Stage:
Patented Atomic “Seat Saving” Orifice (Titanium)
Patented Atomic Automatic Flow Control (AFC)
Rapid adjustment knob for manual second stage de-tuning in special situations
All-Titanium Atomic Comfort Swivel standard on all T2x regulators
A new high-flow second stage case and magnum lever design that significantly lowers breathing effort at any depth from shallow water to beyond the limits
Dual material second stage cover enables entire front to be used for purge
Dual silicone comfort fit mouthpiece with tear-resistant bite tabs
Metal-accented front cover ring, adjustment knob, and AFC cover
Deluxe padded travel bag
2 year / 300 dive service interval
Limited Lifetime Warranty – not contingent on proof of service
Combined weight of the Atomic T2x First & Second Stage is under 2 lbs.

What is Natural Breathing?

Atomic Aquatics has achieved what no other manufacturer has in a high-performance regulator – Natural Breathing. All Atomic regulators breathe with a natural and controlled air delivery sensation at any depth or breathing rate. Inhalation on the surface will feel the same as it does during your deepest dive. This is in part due to the AFC (Automatic Flow Control) employed in our second stages. This patented innovation is a simple device that adjusts the airflow automatically to compensate for the effects of depth. Atomic Aquatics regulators are the smoothest breathing regulators available...period.

What are the diving benefits
of Titanium?

First, it is unbelievably lightweight which reduces stress during your dive and makes it a perfect travel regulator. Second, Titanium has no equal for corrosion resistance which means more safety, reliability and repeatable performance. And finally, its beautiful appearance stands apart from any other regulator.

Unparalleled light weight
means less stress

In our mission to invigorate the diving experience, the first priority is on reducing stress – travel stress, gearing-up stress, jaw-clinch stress. The best way is to use the lightest material possible. But light weight must never compromise strength or durability. Titanium is the perfect solution. When you hold a Titanium Atomic regulator in your hand, you immediately realize the difference from other regulators. That means less stress for you from packing your gear bag, to donning, to even the final minutes of a long dive.


Atomic T2X Titanium Regulator

If there ever was a regulator designed to be King of the Hill the Atomic T2X would have to be it. The T2X from Atomic Aquatics is the first all-Titanium regulator ever to be designed and produced for scuba. This incredibly corrosion resistant material is extremely strong and difficult to work with in fabrication. The engineers at Atomic solved that problem by refining groundbreaking and cost efficient processes for milling from solid blocks of Titanium. The end result is truly a piece of equipment that you will never have to worry about wearing out! It is light weight for the diver travelling to that remote location where baggage weight is an issue, strong and offers the utmost in reliability for the diver who cannot afford any last minute failures or needs for unexpected servicing just before that dive that is hundreds of miles from the nearest technician. The T2X is absolutely the cutting edge in technology and is unmatched in performance and design by any regulator in scuba. If owning the BEST is your thing, than look no further.

Internally this first stage delivers consistent air to the diver with a balanced flow-through piston that will offer the same intermediate pressure with each breath at the deepest depths or lowest tank pressures of your dive. The high pressure piston uses a seal system that is self lubricating that is designed to minimize the friction in this critical part and reduce wear and tear and in turn maintenance costs for the regulators owner. With 2 high pressure ports and 5 low pressure ports on a swivel cap gives this regulator a wide range of possibilities when it comes to the comfortable set up of your gear.

And as if all of this technology and innovation in the Atomic 1st Stages wasn’t enough, their 2nd Stages are packed with one feature after the next all geared towards ease of breathing, longevity of the piece of equipment and low maintenance. The T2X second stage comes equipped with a patented swivel that allows for 30 degrees of rotation without kinking your hose. It uses an adjustable, pneumatically balanced poppet incorporated into a portion of the regulator that many manufacturers are looking for ways to cut corners and reduce costs in materials. Here, Atomic leads the way by using Titanium and Kevlar in the metal internal parts. For most manufacturers that would be enough ammunition to light up the advertising and begin singing of their praises from the local mountain tops, but not with Atomic. They pressed on with redesigning two other important pieces in the 2nd stage that turned out to be so successful they were awarded patents for their efforts! The Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice was designed to reduce wear and tear on the low pressure seat and in turn increase the high performance of the second stage for the diver by making sure the orifice only comes into contact with the low pressure seat when the regulator is pressurized. The other innovation is their Automatic Flow Control. Most every manufacturer of regulators offer some sort of a venturi switch in their second stages designed to reduce breathing resistance and help with the opening of the valve that delivers air to the diver when they inhale. At Atomic they’ve perfected this into a pressure sensing, self-adjusting device that regulates the delivery of the diver’s air with every breath adjusting for increased pressure the deeper the diver descends. No more switches or dials to get that perfect breath of air!

All in all the amount of innovation, quality and precision technology put into the Atomic T2x makes this regulator the only choice for any diver seeking not a high performance regulator, unmatched by anything else on the market, but THE high performance regulator, unmatched by anything else on the market.

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