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Rating: good deal for a "demo" regulator
Reviewer: Andreas Krueger
I bought this regulator for my pony bottle as a backup. It was a very good deal being a demo item that was used in the store for display. I had it quickly checked by my local dealer, then took it into the water and it works flawlessly. I dont regret the purchase at all.

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Rating: Great product
Reviewer: Geofrey Randal Burgos  -  View all my reviews
I enjoy every dive. Love my regulator. Mares is reliable and maintenance hassle free.

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Rating: Ok up to now
Reviewer: Piero G.  -  View all my reviews
Perfect air flow, lighter than others, good for travel Flujo prefecto de aire, liviano, muy adecuado para viajar

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108 out of 204 people found this review helpful.

Questions and Answers for Mares Rover 2S Regulator:

  • D:

    why cant i add anything to my wish list or cart? not too efficient for purchasing...

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello, you would need to be signed in to your members account to add items to your wish list.

  • Zamudio:

    Can I use the Mares Rover 2S Regulator with the sku 017020 (3 Gauge Navigator Dive Console with Max Depth Indicator Console)?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Yes typically you can mix and match consoles or gauges from different manufacturers with no problem.

  • Marc:

    I am interested in this regulator . Does this regulator have a combo with an octopus ? Which octopus would you recommend with this regulator . I dive in the Caribbean , not more than 100" and I am advanced certifies and not about to do Nitrox.

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    You can add the Mares Rover R2 Octo as an option in the dropdown.

  • Fabio:

    what size the low pressure hose of the second stage ?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Primary hose is usually around 30".

  • gianluca:

    is this model INT or DIN?

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    This is a yoke regulator, unfortunately we are unable to get the DIN in this version.


    hi there i just wanted to ask is this item available or i have to wait for the stock as always.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Hussain, yes we have these in stock with the octo.

  • Elaine:

    Hi, I just bought a unit of this Rover 2S and it was disappointing as when I brought it to a dive shop to check, and it was found leaking air! I am planning to return it but its gonna incur me another round of expensive international air freight. There was a sticker that printed that the Reg was tested for safety. May I know if all your regulators were properly tested before shipping out? Otherwise how did this ever happen? It could have been serious if I actually used it for my upcoming diving trip.

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    All regulators are tested by their respective manufacturers prior to shipping to dealers. This is a normal procedure. Any regulator can still have a minor leak. This is typically a very minor adjustment in the second stage and is quickly and easily fixed by any qualified repair technician. If one cannot be found, the item can be returned for repair/replacement under the terms of the manufacturer''s warranties.

416220 - Rover 2S
Reliability, light weight and simplicity

• Light weight, sturdy and compact first stage
• Mid-size second stage
• Ideal for Diving Centers

The Rover 2S is an excellent choice for intensive rental use in the Diving Centers and for all divers who want reliability! The new R2S first stage is the evolution of the piston regulator. A sandblasted finish to increase scratch resistance. The protection cover is designed to allow the installation of an RFID chip for rental use managed by dedicated PC software. Easy and reduced maintenance for INT and DIN version.

Product Details

Code: 416220
Material: Technopolymer
First stage: Piston design
Lightweight yoke: Yes
First stage weight (g) INT: 608
First stage weight (g) DIN300: 432
Second stage weight (g): 200
Total weight (g) INT: 987
Total weight (g) DIN300: 808
Second stage dimension: Medium
Oil/Dry cold water kit: Dry
Nitrox: -
HP Ports: 1 HP 7/16' UNF ports
LP Ports: 4 LP 3/8' UNF ports
Inhale pressure: 11.44 mbar
Inhale pos pressure: 0.00 mbar
Exhale pressure: 9.63 mbar
Ext work breathing: 1.35 J/l
Inhale work: 0.68 J/l
Pos inhale work: 0.00 J/l
Exhale work: 0.67 J/l
Pressure depth: diagram at 50m (165ft)
Pressure diagram: 215

Product Features

Dynamic Flow Control: Minimizes intermediate pressure drop during inhalation thus maximizing gas delivery, especially under extreme conditions. The DFC system (Mares patented) minimizes the pressure drop that occurs in all regulator first stages when the diver inhales. This phenomenon is even more pronounced as depth increases and when airflow demand from the regulator rises.

The DFC system is an exclusive system, unique on the market, that operates in relation to the diver's actual air demand, independent of depth and tank pressure.

The DFC system uses the Venturi Effect, optimizing the regulator's sensitivity and minimizing inhalation resistance, especially during dives in extreme conditions.

Fluid Dynamic Deflector: Receives and properly directs the airflow from the bypass tube to the mouthpiece.

Mesh Grid: Patented design which reduces the impact of water flow onto the second stage diaphragm, thus eliminating free flows even in strong currents.

Ultralight Techno Polymer: Abrasion resistant and affordable, ideal for diving in warm and moderate water temperatures.

Vortex Assisted Design: The air bypass tube conveys air to the mouthpiece creating a swirling vortex with a low pressure area in the center that keeps the diaphragm down during inhalation, for very sensitive and easy breathing at all depths.

The air coming from the LP-hose passes through the second stage control valve and is conveyed directly to the mouthpiece through the by-pass tube (Mares patented). In the mouthpiece connector, the airflow creates a swirling action, or “vortex”. The core of the vortex is a low-pressure area, which, during inhalation, helps to hold down the second stage diaphragm, thus markedly increasing regulator sensitivity. The decisive advantage of the VAD System lies in the precision of its control. The VAD supplies the inhalation effort with just the intensity required.

Another advantage of the VAD system is related to the bypass tube, through which most of the air is delivered. In cold water diving, this system prevents ice crystals (which can be generated by the expansion of humid air in cold temperatures) from interfering with the proper operation of second stage components.

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