Sherwood Blizzard Scuba Regulator.´´Like New´´ SRB5900 033256-a

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  • Anti-freeze balanced 1st stage designed for cold water
  • Heat Sink that transfers ambient heat to help prevent freeze-up
  • Plated fins/Heat sink which retains warmth, helps prevent freeze-up
  • Balanced high flow first stage moving orifice that maintains consistent air pressure in second stage, even at low tank pressures for comfortable breathing
  • Baffled and extended exhaust tee which reduces regulator bounce and jaw fatigue
  • Patented Primary air sensing channel system to help you breathe comfortably
    under high demand conditions
  • Wisdom mouthpiece which alleviates jaw fatigue by easing bite needed to hold regulator
  • Dry air bleed system which prevents internal contamination and improves reliability, resists freeze-up


And the reviews are in:
"...A pleasure to use..." -Diver Magazine


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