Atomic Ti2 Titanium Octo 02-0005-3P-Yellow 035040

Mfg Part #: 02-0005-3P

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Reviewer: Vance E.  -  View all my reviews
I got this to go with the Atomic ST1 regulator. It is nice and light, and it breathes easily.

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Rating: TiS
Reviewer: Craig Cameron  -  View all my reviews
Purchased this when I bought the my ST1 and thought that I would try the TiS instead of my ST1. All I can say that both are great regulators. Craig.

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Questions and Answers for Atomic Ti2 Titanium Octo:

  • john:

    is this product able to be used by an amateur snorkeler? I am interested in a product that will give me a few minutes more underwater, does not require scuba certification (or scuba gear), and hopefully can be refilled (or can purchase new air canisters). Thanks in advance for your help. JF

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Any Scuba items used for breathing underwater will require training. In order to fill a scuba cylinder or rent equipment you need a certification card.

Why A Family Of Octos?

Most manufacturers produce just an “economy” and a “performance” octopus model. Yet, even their high-end octo cannot come close to matching the performance of the Atomic family of safe seconds. Each Atomic octopus is designed and precision-built to perform as perfectly as its primary model counterpart. So when you need it, you know exactly what to expect.

All Atomic Octopus models come with a standard extra-long 36” hose. Custom length hoses are available.

Cloning Can Be A Good Thing
An Atomic octopus reduces stress in emergency situations
In an emergency, why would you or your buddy breathe from an inferior regulator? An octopus should breathe easy. All Atomic second stage primary models are available as dedicated safe seconds with high visibility yellow covers and an extra-long 36' hose.

Ti2 Octo 
Just like the Atomic T2 primary, the Ti2 octopus is immune to the performance degrading effects of sea water corrosion. The patented Atomic Aquatics Seat Saving Orifice prevents wear of the low-pressure seat that extends the service interval and improves reliability. These features result in a safe second that can be counted on to perform like new when you need it. The regulator is compact with a low profile exhaust deflector that fits easily into pockets, and has a bright neon yellow flexible front cover for high visibility. The Ti2 also includes the AFC Automatic Flow Control and Rapid Adjustment knob.

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