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TUSA Duo-Air

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TUSA Duo-Air Customer reviews see below

  • Nitrox compatible to 40% (The recreational limits of Nitrox)
  • Inflator integrated secondary air source
  • The Duo Air is positioned at the end of the Buoyancy Compensator hose
  • Eliminating hose clutter, because you use the same hose to supply both the power inflator and your alternate air source, also known as safe-2nd or Octo
  • Compatible with all BC's - will NOT fit BC's made by Aeris, Aqua-Lung, Cressi, Dacor, Oceanic, SeaQuest, TUSA models with the A.P.A. Active Purge Assist inflator system, US Divers and XS Scuba

And the reviews are in:
"Excellent" - Scuba Lab

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Rating: one less hose
Reviewer: Ken W.
Great alternate for octo. The only difference is you breathe off the spare(due to the short hose) and you share your main. Works great as an inflator and as a spare air

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Rating: Elizabeth
Reviewer: Elizabeth Rogers  -  View all my reviews
This is a nice addition to my BC. I am glad I ordered it with my BC. It came in handy one afternoon while servicing a boat with my partner. He ran out of air and just had about 5 minutes worth of work to finish up. So, I took the duo air source and he took my regulator. The duo air worked like a champ, it was hard to tell that this was not a typical regulator. The duo air source eliminates an extra hose dangling off me, just one less thing that was not in the way.

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Rating: TUSA Duo-Air Review
Reviewer: Reginald Harper  -  View all my reviews
A great way to "clean up" your regulator set-up, eliminate one hose, and all at a very affordable price. It was very easy to install and works great! My son loves it!....Reg Harper

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Rating: love it
Reviewer: william h.  -  View all my reviews
This is a top value for the $$$$, Its much nicer to have one less hose dangling. Breathes well through 80.

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271 out of 542 people found this review helpful.

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