Oceanic Mako 1 Mask 05.4210.11 029856

Mfg Part #: 05.4210
  • Free Quick Adjust Comfort (Slap) Strap included
  • Free protective hard case included
  • For Medium to Large Faces (110 lbs+)
  • Low volume design for wide field-of-view and easy one hand clearing
  • Crystal silicone - The highest grade silicone available for a soft comfortable seal
  • Sturdy lightweight frame
  • Easy adjusting buckles for convenience
  • Ultra Low Volume
  • COLORS:  Blue, Red, Clear, Neon Yellow, Black with Black silicone, or Pink 

Customer Reviews for Oceanic Mako 1 Mask:

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Rating: sons of freedom
Reviewer: Mark Zimmerman  -  View all my reviews
I found that the mask was almost to light and to close to your face. Field of viee very hood.

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Rating: JaMon
Reviewer: Joel S.
Contained much more than I expected and works wonderfully here in Michigan!

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60 out of 115 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Very Good dive mask.
Reviewer: TERRANCE NICHOLSON  -  View all my reviews
Very nice dive mask, the nose purge feature makes clearing mask very easy.

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Rating: Not for me.
Reviewer: William S.  -  View all my reviews
I had to send this back because it didnt seal comfortably on my face. I gave it three stars because it seemed well built, its just that I have a long, narrow face and this mask was too wide.

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171 out of 328 people found this review helpful.

Questions and Answers for Oceanic Mako 1 Mask:

  • brian:

    i am an occasional snorkeler. going back to aruba and i want to invest in some decent gear of my own instead of the rental stuff you get on the boat. trying to decide between this mask and the "Ocean Quest Arctic Clear HD Scuba Dive Mask" would appreciate any input.

    Clarke  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Brian, Thank you for your inquiry! Both the Oceanic Mako 1 and the Ocean Quest Arctic Clear HD are very similar in shape, size, quality and features. The major difference is the Arctic Clear Mask has a pair of state of the art Arctic Clear HD optical quality distortion free lens. If you would like to place an order or have questions about this product, please contact one of our certified Dive Instructors at SCUBA.com by calling 800-247-2822 <> 949-221-9300 or e-mail us at: info@scuba.com

  • M:

    Does this mask come in the black color as is pictured?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    029860 Oceanic Mako 1 Mask Black/Black Silicone

Stylish low-volume design that concentrates on achieving a balance of features and abilities. Easy to clear and comfortable to wear, feels so natural you might be checking yourself for gills at the end of your dive.

Highest grade 100% liquid silicone skirt for an exceptional fit and long life
Sturdy lightweight frame
Low volume design for wide field-of-view and easy clearing
Tempered glass lens for safety
Easy adjusting buckles for convenience
Neoprene Comfort Strap included


Water is more dense than air, which makes objects look blurry. A mask provides an air spae in front of the eyes to eliminate distorted vision.


Prior to using the mask for the first time, thoroughly clean both sides of the lens with a nonabrasive liquid detergent, or toothpaste, to remove any residue, then rinse with fresh water.

To prevent fogging during use, rub a 'no fog' solution, or saliva, on the inner surface of the lense while it is still dry, then rinse with water.

Adjust the strap so that it holds the mask comfortably and firmly in position on your face without being too tight or restrictive.


Place the mask on your face and pull the strap over the top of your head.

To clear water that enters the mask, stand up or come to the surface and lift the bottom of the mask away from your face to allow the water to drain out. While underwater, tilt yourhead back and exhale gently into the mask while pressing the top portion with your fingers. Water will be forced out the bottom edge.

To eliminate mask squeeze caused by the higher pressures that are experienced when diving deeper than a few feet, exhale slowly into the mask through your nose as you dive deeper. To equalize pressure in your ears, pinch your nose closed with your thumb and finger and blow gently while holding your mouth closed.

Care and Maintenance

At the end of each day of use, rinse your mask thoroughly in fresh water and towel dry. Do not allow the clear silicone skirt or strap to come in contact with items that are black rubber. This will cause the clear silicone to become discolored. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or excessive heat.
Ensure that the mask is completely dry before storing. Store in a cool, dry location.

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