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Rating: Beautiful mask
Reviewer: Mark S.
This mask is my third mask in as many years. It is replacing my Mares X Vision mask which had the best optical glass Ive ever used though it continuously leaked under my nose. I went with the Cressi Lince since I have a small face, but my peripheral vision was severely compromised. With the above experience as my guide and in reading everything I could find I ordered the mid version. Though I have yet to use it diving I can say that the beautiful optical glass is intact in this series and my field of vision is greatly improved over the Cressi if not entirely that of the X-Vision, but that is to be expected with the smaller mask. The next test will be a trip to Mexico next month to get wet. Thus far I am confident.

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Rating: Comfortable is not always good.
Reviewer: Cortlen Hernandez  -  View all my reviews
So, this mask is the first mask I have ever bought that wasnt a hand-me-down or something I didnt find at the bottom of the ocean. 2 things I am still getting used to: first of all, the silicon skirt. Very comfy but unlike most of my friends, I dont like it. My mask seems to flood water just enough to make my dives in cold water very uncomfortable. But since I seem to be the only one with this problem and I have no other soft silicon mask to compare it to, I think its just me. Second, if you get the mask that is not clear on all sides, you get mad tunnel vision and disorientation every now and then. Again, I think its just me and my bad viz diving but i never seemed to have that problem with my old crusty clear masks. so besides my personal problems, this mask is great. low profile, great looking, and comfortable. easy strap adjusting as well. Happy Diving

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Rating: Best Fit!
Reviewer: Juliana M.
I have had a difficult time in the past finding a mask that properly fit my face. This mask fits nicely, doesnt leak or cause pressure on my forehead (like many others did). I love this mask sooooo much that I bought another one for my backup (who wants an uncomfortable spare???)!!

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Rating: Excellent fit for a narrow face
Reviewer: Hank Papula
This item was specifically bought for a person who couldnt get a quality mask to fit her narrow face w/o constant leaking. This mask fit her face snuggly w/o excessive pressure and performed w/o incident during a 3 hr snorkeling trip. Before this mask she had to use a childs mask which didnt really fit well on an adult face. They also were cheaply made and in general had a host of issues. During the purchase, I explained my problem to the sales rep and this mask was recommended. Turned out great, Thanks

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Rating: mask
Reviewer: Karen H.
I used this mask during my open water and loved it. It is an extremely low volume and good peripheral vision.

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Rating: Mares x-vision mask.....
Reviewer: chris garven  -  View all my reviews
used on four dives recently...very comfortable, the strap system works very well....nice mask

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Rating: Great for a narrow face
Reviewer: Benjamin Mitchell  -  View all my reviews
Ive got a very narrow face, and its been a challenge to find a mask, not built for a child, that fits me well. This one is perfect.

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Questions and Answers for Mares X-Vision Mid Skirt Mask:

  • Mark:

    I am looking for masks for my family. Is there any guide lines regarding fit for finding a mask that will fit?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Unfortunately there isn't necessarily one mask that will be assured to fit your entire family. As faces come in all shapes and sizes so masks for scuba and snorkeling. Go get the proper fit you'll want to place the mask to your face without using the strap. Inhale a bit through your nose to create a vacuum and hold your breath. If the mask sticks to your face for a few seconds or more, it fits! Once you've found several that fit you can experiment a bit by opening your mouth or wiggling your nose a bit while holding your breath to see which still maintains a good seal.

  • Jay:

    I have tried looking for Mares mask sizing information but can not find anything. What does it mean to have a 40-120lb "small" face? And what are the dimensions (length, breadth) of the small and larger masks? Thank you.

    Aaron  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Just remember that not everyone’s facial features are the same. The weight is a guide to help you size a mask. For exact dimensions you would have to email Mares directly.

  • Jay:

    Thanks for the answer. But what does it mean to have a 40-120lb face? Is it the weight of the head? A head weighs about 5 kgs so Im not sure how a face can weigh 40-120 pounds. Sorry, I am Australian and so dont understand this way of measuring something!

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    This mask fit just about everyone. The weight refers to how the person weighs, but unless you have a very narrow face this will work well.

  • Santiago:

    Does any of these have a "black" silicon/skirt. I dont care about the color on the outside, i care that the silicon is NOT clear? Can you help me with this? Does the black/black mean that?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Santiago, the color you want is the black/black.

411024 - X-Vision Mid

The most popular mask in the world

• State of the art design
• Optical lens option
• Mid-size available

The success of this product derives from meticolous computer design and numerous optical tests. The central position of the eyes and the optimally angled windows provides the widest possible viewing angle in every direction. Quick-adjusting ergonomic buckles are positioned directly on the skirt.

Product Details
Code: 411024
Colors: clbgr, clwlb, clcbl, bkbk
Volume: M
Optical lens: Yes

Product Features

Liquidskin: The most important innovation since the introduction of silicone masks. Patented Technology. The exclusive Bi-Silicone technology uses two different types of silicone: a firmer portion for support structure and a softer portion for contact with your face. It is 45% softer for unparalleled comfort and 270% more elastic for a perfect fit.

Mid Size: Perfect fit for adults with narrow faces and young divers.

Optional Optical Lenses: Mares offers corrective lenses for most models. In addition to the negative diopters (-1 to -7), for some models also positive diopters are available (+1.5 to +3). Mares design makes it quick and easy to install lenses.

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