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XS Scuba V3 M-Line Purge Scuba Dive Mask

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Customer Reviews for XS Scuba V3 M-Line Purge Scuba Dive Mask:

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Rating: The perfect mask
Reviewer: John A.,
I had over 400 dives and 15 years on my first mask, when it showed up misteriously shattered one day in Bonaire. I love the Q-Strap. I have never found a more comfortable, easier to adjust strap and I work in a dive shop! I never had an issue with the purge, but have heard of purge issues with other masks. Over the 15 years of use, the clear plastic skirt clouded a bit, but other than that a perfect mask.

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Rating: Great concept!!
Reviewer: Josh G.,
The mask fits very well. My only complaint would be the size. In order to have side windows it sits very far out from the face and is not that streamlined. BUT - overall, I would purchase it again.

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Rating: XS V3 Purge Mask
Reviewer: Robert C.,  - View all my reviews
I had not replaced my old mask in years, wow, what a difference the XS Scuba is great, very comfortable, seals great, looks great, is very well made, easy to purge with the nose valve. The way the mask is styled their is virtually no obstruction in vision. Love the hair pad, unlike the older masks that always pulled your hair, this one is very easy to put on and off. I used the mask in Cozumel for the first time and highly recommend it. My wife tried it one and loved the fit and wide range of peripheral vision.

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Rating: Great Mask
Reviewer: Peter Z.,   
This is about my 5-6 dive mask since I started diving back in 1975 - and believe the one I used before this one I have had for about 10-12 years and thought I would never give it up - so when I broke the frame and was unable to replace it I looked at a number of different manufactures and styles - I decided on the XS Scuba V3 and could not be happier - the adjustable strap is great and the over all view is good - I wish I had replaced my old one sooner what a great mask

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Rating: Mask
Reviewer: Thomas Mackey,  - View all my reviews
Perfect fit...no leaks for a change...and I didnt have to make the straps super tight either.

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Rating: impressive product
Reviewer: William W.,   
This is one great fitting mask, and I LOVE the adjustable strap. At first glance it does seem to be a VERY large mechanism to sit on the back of your head, but with its first use, I fell in love with the idea of being able to adjust the mask with such ease. The only thing I didnt like was that not ALL of the water drains through the purge valve. A small amount of water will "sit" under each eyeball, and is hard to get to drain into the nose section. I hate having ANY water in my mask at all, so this made it a small bit disappointing. With much use over two week’s time, I have become used to the “puddling” under the eyes and still do recommend this mask. (I actually bought two of them) Quality of construction and the comfort and seal are outstanding for a mask in this price range. The storage box that comes with the mask is an added bonus.

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Rating: Excellent Product
Reviewer: Jeff Baker,  - View all my reviews
The V3 M-Line is a fantastic mask. It has an excellent field of vision and the strap is the most comfortable Ive worn. Both my Mom and my girlfriend purchased this mask on my recommendation and they have thanked me ever since. If it ever wears out, I would definitely purchase this product again.

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Rating: XS Scuba V3 M-Line Purge Mask
Reviewer: LEE O.,  - View all my reviews
Im a casual scuba guy and clen the bottom of my pool once a week. WOW, this mask is so much clearer, easier to adjust with the quick strap, and the hard case is great for any rough handling. My old target/Dicks masks stared to fog and leaked by the end of the season. Save your money and buy one of these worthy for many years mask. The strap & parts are replaceable. HAPPY 1st time Scuba.com customer !!!

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Reviewer: David Barber,  - View all my reviews
Got the mask today. Took it out today. It works as advertised. The purge is perfect. The view is perfect. I snorkel in Lake Havasu in murky water and had no problems with it. The fit is excellent. The face seal works great. I have a goatee and there was no problem with leaks. I filled the mask with water on purpose to check out the purge valve. No problem. THIS MASK IS IMPRESSIVE. I do not consider it a buy, but an investment. Take care of your gear and it will take care of you. By the way, the Scuba guys were very helpful and the delivery was FAST. Next come THE FINS. Thanks SCUBA.COM. I will be a returning customer. David Barber

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Rating: Jerods Mask Review
Reviewer: Anson Maxwell,  - View all my reviews
I am very happy with this product. With other masks that I have owned, I have found that they lacked many of the things I need in a mask, such as comfort, purge valve, and great visibility. The XS Scuba V3 M-Line Purge Mask provides all of these things with the benefit of a great price!! I would recommend this product to anyone!

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