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XS Scuba Down Look Scuba Dive Mask with Gauge Reader

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  • Free protective hard case included
  • For Medium-Large Faces (110 lbs+)
  • Designed with a + 1.75 diopter to help read your gauges
  • Magnification in lower lenses - See How it Works
  • Unsurpassed downward vision
  • Crystal silicone - The highest grade silicone available for a soft comfortable seal
  • Double lens design to reduce eye fatigue
  • Beveled and bonded tempered lenses
  • Low volume
  • Note: this mask will not accept additional lenses other than the +1.75 lenses pre-installed by the manufacturer

  • COLORS: Blue, Black, Clear, Yellow, or Black Frame/Black Silicone Skirt

Blue Mask


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Customer Reviews for XS Scuba Down Look Scuba Dive Mask with Gauge Reader:

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Average Customer Review: based on 22 reviews.

Rating: Mask with gauge reader
Reviewer: Gregory Geuss,  - View all my reviews
I personally found the location of the read area to low & not strong enough for my eyes.As far as design it leaked a little and found that to be a repeatable problem after the 2nd dive.It might work for someone else with the mag requirements of a lesser need.3 stars is all I could do.

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263 out of 508 people found this review helpful.

Rating: XS Look Down Mask w/Gauge Reader
Reviewer: Tina Hale,
I have been diving since 1992 and also a volunteer at my local Aquarium. In the last few years my eyes have required reading glasses and my gauges are getting a bit fuzzy. This Look Down Mask did the trick. Its like having a pair of reading glasses underwater. Great price for a great mask. Now Im waiting for a tri-view look down mask. That would be even better. Kevin in Cincinnati Ohio

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175 out of 389 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Xs down looking scuba mask
Reviewer: terry k.,
The down looking magnifier lens is too far down to see the gauge readings on the computer.

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47 out of 100 people found this review helpful.

Rating: XS Down Look Mask
Reviewer: Ross Briggs,
Being nearsighted, the Down-look mask seemed like the answer. It was! I still had plenty of standard vision, and could easily see my guages. The eleven dives around Grand Cayman were much more comfortable, being able to easily check my O2, instead of squinting and trying to position the guage just right. It may not have actually added "bottom time" to my dives, but it sure seemed too.

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229 out of 505 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Good Idea Cheap Mask
Reviewer: Brett M.,
Great Idea but my mask had a fingerprint on the bi focals where they glued it in also the plastic on the front of the mask did not come together looked cracked I e-mailed the company who finaly got back to me about three weeks later and ask if scuba.com took care of the problem!Great return policy though from Scuba.com

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235 out of 491 people found this review helpful.

Rating: works good w/ leakproof fit
Reviewer: Steven B.,
i like the product cant otherwise get bifocal mask for this price to my knowledge, and magnification was good. problem is: if one has any water inside mask at all, it sits at the bottom of the mask where the magnification is, and you cant really use the magnification if youre looking through water inside the mask. this mask is a bit heavy with the special lenses fit was good but not 100% tight for me. as a result, i ended up not using the mask: the tiny bit of water i had in bottom of mask would go virtually unnoticed with a regular mask, but when youre trying to use magnification in the bottom of the mask, any water inside makes it virtually unuseable.........

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Rating: mask
Reviewer: Pam S.,  - View all my reviews
Love this mask. However, took a long time and several struggling dives to get it cleaned.

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Rating: Takes Getting Used To
Reviewer: Paul S.,  - View all my reviews
I am farsighted and getting old enough so that I soon wont be able to hold a camera or gauge far enough in front of me to see without some sort of "underwater reading glasses." Nothing against this mask (they may all be like this), but I could not get used to it. Why? If I was holding my compass out in front of me, to use the magnifying part of the Look Down lens, Id have to lift my head way up in an uncomfortable position. It worked fine when I would hold a gauge down low, however. Then, the dilemma was that the lens portion blocked me from just looking down at the farther distant terrain below me, which Im used to being able to do with my regular mask. Its probably fine when used "as indicated," but I think Id rather have a correcting lens that allows me to look at things in more of a forward view.

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Rating: Can see my guages now
Reviewer: jeff j.,
This is a great mask for those, like myself, are having difficulty reading small print. I was having trouble reading my computer underwater adn with this mask, those problems are gone. The readers are not in the way otherwise. Mask is comfortable and I am quite pelased with it so far.

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308 out of 607 people found this review helpful.

Rating: down look mask
Reviewer: MARK HUSTED,  - View all my reviews
the magnifying lenses of the mask I received are miss-aligned and you can only look thru one at any given time. I will say that the magnification is perfect for those old eyes and do aid in reading gauges with one eye - trouble is when you would like to look at something up close with both eyes, well that aint happenin!

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353 out of 707 people found this review helpful.

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