Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light TORR-NY 026318 Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light TORR-NY 026318
Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light TORR-NY 026318 Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light TORR-NY 026318
Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light TORR-NY 026318 Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light TORR-NY 026318


Video: Princeton Tec Torrent 3 Watt L.E.D. Light Video Review
Mfg Part #: TORR

Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light

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  • Free 8 AA Alkaline Batteries Included
  • Free Lanyard Included
  • State of the art ultra bright L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode Technology)
  • 9 TIMES Longer Battery Life up to 30 Hours!
  • 30 TIMES Longer Bulb Life - 10,000+ Hours!
  • High Intensity White L.E.D. light travels farther underwater for maximum visibility and truer colors
  • Shock and Impact resistant L.E.D. bulb - will not break when dropped
  • LIGHT OUTPUT: 280 Lumens
  • POWER: 3 watts
  • DEPTH: 330 feet
  • COLORS: Black, Blue, or Yellow

Customer Reviews for Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light:

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Rating: Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light Review - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews
Depending on the divers experience this light can be used as a primary or secondary. Ive had no problems with flooding after ten dives. Small enough to be out of the way but bright enough to show the way.

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Rating: Fabulous backup (or primary) light -5 stars not enough
Reviewer: Mitchell Hushak
Great light! Very bright for its size. I really like the trigger lock on switch - prevents unintended activation, but is still accessible with 5mm gloves. Fits well into a BC pocket, too. I bought this to replace the $12 mini U-beam light also sold by That is a great light, too. Just dont take it underwater. It does not seal well. First dive (didnt even turn it on) it flooded. Tried to dry it out and got it to work intermittently, but it failed very quickly. PLEASE DONT CONFUSE MY REVIEW OF THE PRINCETON WITH THE MINI U-BEAM! Princeton good. Mini U-beam bad.

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Rating: Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light Review - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews
Reviewer: dennis a palkovich  -  View all my reviews
I bought this light to use on a trip to Saint Lucia in Nov 2014. We were diving a cargo ship wreck there with lots of nooks , and crannies. The light was perfect. Small enough not to be a burden when you were not using it, and bright enough to light up the dark places. It was actually brighter then I expected. Good price also.

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9 out of 15 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light Review - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews
Reviewer: Everette Strahl
For the price point, the Princeton Tec Torrent is a good back up dive light and can certainly be used as a primary light in a pinch. It is small enough to carry on all dives and has come in handy when looking into nooks and crannies on wrecks and reefs as well as when going through swim-throughs etc. The only downside (and its a small one) is the switch. Even with the locking mechanism, the switch can relatively easily and accidentally get moved to the on position. All in all the light has met my expectations

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Rating: Good light for the price....
Reviewer: DeeAnna W.
i purchased two of these dive lights, one in pink and one in yellow. the light is reasonably compact and plenty bright for what i need. id recommend it for the casual rec diver or as a backup to a better dive light. loaded with 8 aa batteries, the light will add about 1 lb to your overall weight. i followed the advice in other reviews to add a thin coat of silicone grease to the o-rings and threads of the front cap (what you unscrew to get to the batteries). i also dismantled the power switch and lightly coated the o-ring seals with silicone grease as well. after greasing, i havent seen any leaks, but i dont have long term experience with the light either. (you can find silicone grease in a good hardware store look in the plumbing section.) the lock to keep the power switch from accidentally turning on is rather weak and needs improvement to really be reliable. but i can live with that. this is a good dive light for the price....

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Rating: Works Great
Reviewer: Julie P.
A friend brought this light on a sailing trip to the British Virgin Islands. We had a ball using it to see fish at night under the boat and a few of us even took a night snorkel trip that was amazing. Easy & light to pack.

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9 out of 14 people found this review helpful.

Rating: 5 star
Reviewer: jillian d.
I love this small dive light so much that I purchased one for a friend...a new diver!

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Rating: good flashlight
Reviewer: ricky folse  -  View all my reviews
i used this light on a night dive in Honduras, it is awesome, some look at this light as a backup. I used it as my primary. Glad i bought it. Provides good light and is compact. I carry it all the time in my BC pocket.

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40 out of 72 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Great Light
Reviewer: Edward L.  -  View all my reviews
This light is very bright and the batteries last forever because of the LED design. You can easily dive for two weeks, four dives a day with one set of batteries.

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5 out of 10 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Only one of two worked
Reviewer: Troy Woodyard  -  View all my reviews
Bought two of these lights for a recent dive trip to Domican Republic. One light failed on the first dive. The seal let sea water into the housing and the ruined the light. The other one worked great and was far brighter than the light I had to borrow from the Dive Shop. Hopefully I can exchange the bad one.

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107 out of 204 people found this review helpful.

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Questions and Answers for Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light:

  • sean:

    own a Princeton Tec Torrent LED light. Probably 4 + years old. apparently broke bulb. Can I buy just a new bulb? Thx

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    We do not carry the LED replacement for the Torrent. You might want to contact the manufacturer directly for information on replacement bulbs or possibly a warranty replacement.

  • Cheryl:

    does this light use 8 batteries?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Yes 8 AA batteries.

  • Milton:

    The specs and Princeton web site say the output is 280 lumens but your video and other answers to questions say it is 126 lumens. Which is it?!

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    our site actually states that it is 280 lumens

  • robert:

    Is this warranty valid outside of the united states

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Robert, yes the warranty is good outside the US.

  • bob:

    What are the over all dimension? apx. length and width

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    We don''t have the over all dimensions available, but it does use 8 AA batteries, stacked 4 to a group with 2 groups set end to end. It''s not as small a light as it appears but is far from large.


Power meets versatility in the Torrent LED. It’s small enough to be a backup light, but with a 280 Lumen Maxbright LED, it’s more than powerful enough to be a main source. Dive lights aren't just for night diving, and the Torrent LED is our favorite dive light for looking into caves/crevices, restoring lost colors at depth, and daytime wreck diving. For those who need a great backup, an efficient main source, or just all around great dive light, the Torrent LED is all of the above. A simple switching mechanism and a 100-meter waterproof rating ensure that the Torrent LED will be shining bright whenever and wherever you need it to go.

POWER 280 Lumens
LAMP Maxbright LED
BURN TIME 30 Hours
WEIGHT 365 Grams
Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C & D

8 AA Alkaline

This beam pattern is an excellent choice for multipurpose activities. At close range, focused wide beams simulate normal daylight conditions and allow you to take advantage of your peripheral vision.

Princeton Tec has developed proprietary ultralight heatsinks to protect LED products from overheating. Even though LEDs operate at much lower temperatures than traditional incandescent bulbs, they still generate heat. If this heat is not dissipated, the LED will suffer irreversible damage. By using heatsinks, Princeton Tec lights can burn at extreme brightness levels for long periods of time. The heatsink may be incorporated internally or externally depending on the product and its application.

The highest quality LED available from Lumileds, Princeton Tec’s Maxbright LED is extremely bright and efficient. This single LED emits a smooth, powerful, white light useful for a wide range of tasks. Princeton Tec uses collimators or reflectors with the Maxbright LED depending upon the application.

Princeton Tec lights that feature regulated LEDs have a sophisticated regulating circuit that maintains initial brightness as long as the batteries have sufficient voltage. Traditional lights are very bright initially, but immediately begin to dim and continue to dim until the batteries are drained. Constant Brightness is a term used to describe products that have regulated LEDs.

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent, not-for-profit product-safety testing and certification organization. They have been testing products for public safety for more than a century. In order for a product to bear the certified UL Mark, it must pass all UL requirements at their testing facility. Princeton Tec lights that are UL certified fall into one of the following classifications: Class I – Division II – Groups A, B, C, & D or Class II - Division II – Groups F, & G. Refer to the comparison chart in the rear of the catalog. Class I – Division II – Groups A,B,C,& D will be noted with one (+) Class II – Division II – approved for Groups F, & G, will be noted with two (++).

The highest of Princeton Tec’s ratings, Level 3 is assigned to lights that offer a degree of water protection equivalent to IPX8 in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. Lights rated at Level 3 provide waterproof integrity for continual submersion in water at depths down to 100 meters.

WEIGHT - 365
Princeton Tec’s advertised product weights always include batteries. For many products, battery weight is a large percentage of overall weight. Weight can be significantly reduced by using lithium batteries in lithium-compatible products.

The light output of Princeton Tec lights is measured in lumens. A lumen is unit derived by the International System of Units (SI) for measuring light output

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