Zeagle BC Knife 5402 004265

Mfg Part #: 5402
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Line cutter and serrated edge
  • Nylon Sheath attaches easily to any BC or weight belt with standard 2 inch webbing
  • BLADE STYLE: Sharp

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Rating: the best knife for vacation diving
Reviewer: Daniel Scott M.  -  View all my reviews
Great utility knife, small and usefull, not a huge accessory that gets in the way.

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BC Knife with Sheath

Sheath is permanently mounted to any webbing strap. To attach the sheath, locate the plastic rivet stems that protrude from the back of the sheath. Determine where you would like the sheath to be mounted. Mark the location and using a hole punch or small soldering iron (CAUTION: Fire hurts and can ignite unintended items as well) place a hole just large enough to stick the rivet stem through. Push the rivet stems through the holes and snap the female caps (included) onto the stems. NOTE: These rivets are designed for permanent installation and must be broken in order to be removed.

Stainless Steel
6' length with a 1 3/4' blade
Tip can be blunted by the user using a whet stone, grinder or similar device if desired
Webbing strap snaps knife securely in its sheath


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