Seasoft Sea Pony BC SPBCO2 005087 Seasoft Sea Pony BC SPBCO2 005087
Seasoft Sea Pony BC SPBCO2 005087 Seasoft Sea Pony BC SPBCO2 005087

Mfg Part #: SPBCO2
  • Adjustable to fit sizes 80lbs - 300lbs with no tools required
  • Designed to hold Pony Bottles 13 to 50 Cu. Ft.
  • One hand Quick Release Weight Integrated System - 30 lb capacity (Diver releasable)
  • Release weight with the right-shoulder mounted yellow ripcord
  • Duel tank straps
  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • Removable crotch-strap
  • Depth-compensating cummerbund
  • Triple-Point Mounting System - keeps your tank stable and virtually eliminates tank sway and pivot
  • Sternum strap
  • Stainless steel D-rings
  • COLOR:Black
  • SIZE/LIFT: One Size Fits All/32lbs

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Seasoft Seapony

Quick Overview
SEASOFT SEAPONY BC ™ - A one-size-fits-all BC that weighs just over 6 lb. has 30 lb. of lift and is designed to only hold PONY Bottles from 13 to 50 cu. ft.

The SEASOFT SEAPONY BC™ is a pony bottle version of the SEAHORSE BC. The SEAPONY BC is designed to hold 13 to 50 cu. ft. pony bottles.

This SEAPONY is a one size-fits-all BC. It weighs approximately 6 lbs. and has 30 lbs. of lift. It is designed for shallow water diving where the air capacity of a pony bottle is sufficient to finish a given task. Military, police, search and rescue, fire, research, boat owners, and commercial divers requiring low volumes of air, quick entry, low drag and a tough BC will really appreciate the SEASOFT SEAPONY BC™. Don’t forget that the SEASOFT SEAPONY BC is also a blast for shallow water fun!

The SEAPONY BC is weight integrated and holds 15 lbs. of weight in the two separate pockets (for a total of 30 lbs.) mounted in-line with the pony bottle for superior surface flotation and stability. The weight is ditchable using the right-shoulder mounted Yellow Ripcord. Pull the ripcord down and BEHIND to arm’s length and you have ditched the weight out of both pockets. One hand; quick release!

Your tank is held securely by our Triple-Point Mounting System™ (TMS) that employs a valve safety strap and two stainless steel hold-fasts. TMS™ keeps your tank stable and virtually eliminates tank sway and pivot. There are also 2 slots for use when mounting 13 and 19 Cu. Ft. tanks, this ingenious slot system allows for the wide range of pony bottle sizes to be used by one BC.

The SEAPONY BC will fit most 100 lb. to 300 lb. divers with only minor adjustments that require no tools and a minute or less to make.

Other features include a comfortable carrying handle, a removable crotch-strap for those needing one, multiple stainless steel D-rings, adjustable chest straps and a super low profile design to minimize drag.

The SEAPONY BC is designed with most of the lift near the bottom of the BC while on the surface. This lift puts the diver’s head well above the water level for increased safety and comfort!

The SEASOFT SEAPONY BC, a pony bottle sized BC for minimal size, drag and clutter!


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