XS Scuba Companion Pony Pack BC - 004037/004099

Mfg Part #: BC503

XS Scuba Companion Pony Pack BC

  • Pony Pac Harness
    • Designed to carry pony bottle on your back
    • Extremely comfortable
    • 10 lb Integrated Weight System - all diver releasable
    • Fits 13, 19, 30, 40 cubic foot cylinders
    • Twin tank bands for single pony bottle tanks included
    • Easy adjust padded cummerbund
    • 4 Stainless steel D-rings
    • Velcro hose retainer
    • Adjustable sternum strap
    • Padded neoprene neck roll
  • Pony Pac Companion Wing
    • Back-inflation design
    • Lower back dump valve
    • LIFT: 30 lbs  
  • COLOR: Black
  • SIZES: Small (waist 25' to 35'), Regular (waist 35' to 45'), XLarge (waist 45' to 55')


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Questions and Answers for XS Scuba Companion Pony Pack BC:

The Ultra Compact Travel BC
'Now with two releasable 5 pound weight pockets'

40% lighter than traditional BC’s at only 5 pounds
Back inflation design with 30 pounds of lift
Two trim weight pockets with Velcro release carry
up to five pounds each
Exclusive MicroPac backpack gives the stability
of a “hard pack” and the comfort of a “soft pack”
Includes two standard length cam bands p/n BP500
Fits cylinder diameters of 4.3' to 5.5'
Versatile adjustment allowing a wide range of fit
Time proven, reliable Alliance inflator
Two-way adjustable sternum strap
Comfortable neoprene neck collar
Rear pull dump on right side
P/N BC500


Buoyancy Compensators

With proper care, your XS Scuba BC will provide many years of reliable service. The following preventative maintenance must be performed to extend the life of your BC:
• Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and extreme heat. Nylon fabric can quickly fade when exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and extreme heat may damage the welded seams of the BC’s air cell.
• Avoid repeated or prolonged use in heavily chlorinated water, which can cause the BC fabric to discolor and decay prematurely.
• Do not allow the BC to chafe against any sharp objects or rough surfaces that could abrade or puncture the air cell. Do not set or drop heavy objects such as block weights on the BC.
• Avoid any contact with oil, gasoline, aerosols, or chemical solvents.
• To preserve the life of the air cell, thoroughly rinse it inside and out with fresh water after every day of use, following these steps:
1. Pressurize the power inflator with low pressure air via the LP hose.
2. Using a garden hose, direct water through the oral inflator to flush the interior of the air cell, and then thoroughly rinse the exterior of the BC. Before rinsing, ensure that the power inflator is pressurized with air. This will prevent debris and contaminants from entering the inflator valve if the inflator button is accidentally depressed.
3. Completely drain the air cell of water through the lower OPV/dump valve by pulling the ball/cord assembly.
4. Fully inflate the BC, and allow it to dry inside and out. Then store it partially inflated, away from direct sunlight, and in a clean, dry area. Do not store the BC in an enclosed space, such as a car trunk, where it may be exposed to temperatures below 0º F (-18º C) or above 120º F (49º C).
5. To avoid stress on the air cell or harness assembly, remove all weight from the trim weight and X-Lock™ releasable compartments before storing the BC. Soft weights especially, can discolor the BC over time.
CAUTION: DO NOT attempt to perform any disassembly or service of your XS Scuba BC. Service requiring disassembly must only be performed by a factory trained XS Scuba technician. To obtain any service or repair, it is important to bring your BC to an Authorized XS Scuba Dealer.

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