H2O Magna 2mm Webbed Surf Gloves GK-8S 021005

Mfg Part #: GK-8
  • Suede-like sharkskin palm (Synthetic Leather) and Fingers provides a high degree
    of protection, wear resistance and dexterity
  • 2MM Neoprene back
  • Adds resistance for muscle toning while swimming laps
  • Great Combination of Warmth and speed
  • Provides good exposure protection
  • SIZES: Small through XLarge
  • Designed for surfing, swimming, personal watercraft and other action sport activities - Not Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

Customer Reviews for H2O Magna 2mm Webbed Surf Gloves:

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Rating: H2O Magna 2mm Webbed Surf Gloves XLarge
Reviewer: Dan Volkman  -  View all my reviews
Well made gloves. I heeded the warnings and bought a size larger, glad I did.

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Rating: Great for laps in the indoor pool
Reviewer: Michael Green  -  View all my reviews
I swim 72 free laps at a heated indoor pool every other day for general exercise. Magna Gloves really add to the "burn" rate on the stroke pull. The 2mm gloves are snug, recommend you get one size larger than you normally would. Gloves warm up and cool down fast so probably not good for cold water use. For indoor pool use theyre perfect! 5 stars!

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Rating: dope
Reviewer: Wyeth C.
These fine, high quality gloves are excellent for improving both speed and agility in the water. I found them to be a superb addition to my spearfishing accouttrements

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Rating: H20 Magna Webbed Gloves
Reviewer: Craig Graulich
I am new to surfing and only get to go 2-3 times a year so figured I would try these gloves to see if they could help my paddling. Bought a pair for my wife as well. The Good: Can paddle much much much faster than before. I noticed I could keep up with my brothers who surf every other day. While you do expend more energy faster when you are paddling out or paddling into a wave the speed is fantastic. The Bad: The only negative I could say about the gloves is they can take on a little water which clearly makes the gloves a little heavier. On the whole, well well worth it. The "locals" my brothers in this case dont like them (never tried them) no differently than they dont liked anything other than hand shaped boards. If you are a beginner and dont have time to perfect your paddling stroke these are well worth it.

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Rating: H2O Magna Webbed Glove
Reviewer: Joseph P.
I recently purchased these gloves to help paddle thru thicker surf as well as keep my hands warm into late surf season in the Northeast. Thus far I am very satisfied. The gloves fit well and work well in the New England surf. However, based upon the 2mm thickeness I dont expect to wear them t/o the winter. Nonetheless, for the price and the performance they are well worth it!

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Rating: H2O Magna 2mm Webbed Gloves
Reviewer: Kellie V.
These are absolutely wonderful for snorkeling or diving. They make it almost effortless to maneuver through almost all currents of water! They are also thin and flexible enough for you to be able to pick up or move objects or even operate an underwater camera. We have bought 3 pairs so far and recommend them to all our friends.

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Rating: slightly smaller than previous style
Reviewer: Sharon B.
Last year I bought a pair of these that were made of a thinner material and thus were a bit more roomy. The manufacturer is now using a less flexible material that is a little thicker and the gloves fit more snugly than the previous style - same size but tighter fit. So you might want to order a size larger than you would normally.

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Rating: gloves
Reviewer: jean maruejouls  -  View all my reviews
These gloves are a perfect fit, no changing these. Webbed gloves are perfect for the kind of exersise and lap swimming I do in my cold pool. gives me more resistance, which of course is the purpose of the webs.

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Rating: gloves
Reviewer: Brigitte Krauss  -  View all my reviews
I am recovering from a knee operation and have not yet been able to use the gloves, but they are much heavier and stiffer and less like regular gloves that I had imagined and I only hope that indeed I shall be able to swim with them!

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Rating: Unbelievable advantage
Reviewer: Joseph Phillips  -  View all my reviews
These dont feel like theyre doing much at first, but when you take them off youll wonder how you ever swam without them. I estimate they add 30% to the power of certain strokes. They also help strengthen the exact muscles you want toned for stronger strokes. I use them for everything- including surfing. Best 12 bucks ever.

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Questions and Answers for H2O Magna 2mm Webbed Surf Gloves:

  • robin:

    Looking for a wet suit for my son who wake boards and was hoping to do so in the milder fall/ winter months. We live in tidewater, va wondering what should i purchase

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    If you email us at info@scuba.com or call us with your son's measurements we will be able to find a great suit for his wake boarding.

  • James:

    I would like to know why you say these gloves are "NOT FOR SNORKELING"? I have MS and my legs tire too quickly for me to count on being able to use fins so I have been looking for a paddling glove to help me swim. I tried a set of H2O gloves on a recent cruise to the Caribbean and found them very helpful in allowing me to keep up with other snorkelers. Why wouldnt you recommend them for snorkelers, and what would you suggest as an alternative?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    The manufacturer makes that label. Neoprene products for scuba and snorkeling are designed to trap water more efficiently thus making it easier to keep warm. In a thin glove for warm water this isn't noticed as readily as it is with gloves for colder climates. Gloves for other watersports are purpose built to protect the hands from cuts and abrasions first or other uses (as in this glove for swimming assistance) and water trapping and warmth being a secondary function.

Magna - GK8

Material thickness - 2mm
Neoprene back
Nylon 2 palm with a sticky PVC coating for maximum tactile grip
Velcro strap for a snug fit
Sizes: S, M, L, XL

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