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Scuba Tank Carrier

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  • Comfortable and easy way to carry your tank
  • Comfortable molded rubber carry handle
  • Adjustable strap fits any tank
  • Tank not included

Polar Fleece Beanie $10.00

Compact Dive Console Retractor $26.95

Scuba Divers Duffel Bag $39.95


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Rating: Tank carrying made easy
Reviewer: Donnie Gatling,  - View all my reviews
When I dive at my favorite spot in Santa Rosas Blue Hole I dive three times a day then have to carry them a good hundred yards to get a refill and these tank carriers help a lot,less stress on my hands,I really like them,great buy

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18 out of 36 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Not a great performer
Reviewer: Roderick S.,  - View all my reviews
I had trouble getting this carrier attached tightly enough around the tank that it wouldnt slip lengthwise on the tank, causing an unbalanced condition. Even re-cinching the straps didnt help much, they still loosened after carrying the tank a bit. Probably attaching a velcro strip to the tank and another to the straps would help secure it from sliding, but I havent tried this. Overall, Im not pleased with the performance of this product.

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20 out of 42 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Mel Pistor
Reviewer: Mel Pistor,   
Very pleased with the quality of this item. Easily go on to the tanks. Very secure when carrying. Definately a good purchase if you have to carry tanks over a distnace, i.e. from the parking lot to the beach. You do have to remove the carrier before diving, but its not a problem to slip on and off. Great product.

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10 out of 18 people found this review helpful.

Rating: how far are you going to carry your tank anyway ?
Reviewer: Roy J.,   
it works and if I had to carry by hand my tanks for over a 1/4 mile they would be good. However difficulty putting carrier on and off for the short distance I take the tanks to my suit up point is not worth the bother.

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61 out of 114 people found this review helpful.

Rating: E-Z Tank Toting
Reviewer: Michael Turso,  - View all my reviews
The tank carriers from Scuba.com take the hassel out of hauling your tanks to a dive site or boat. They are extreamly helpful if you need to put them in the trunk of a car or have to hand them to some body on a boat. No more risk of a injury because the the tank valve rolled open during handeling. Just slide em on and tighten em up. The double D rings fit snug and adjust to any tank. I bought one for each tank I own. Mike T. PADI Rescue Diver

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96 out of 197 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Scuba Tank Carrier
Reviewer: Ryan Teegarden,
These work great! They make carrying my tanks so much easier, and safer. Also, I am way less likely to pick them up by the neck like I am not supposed to. The only draw back is I have to take them on an off in between dives because they dont fit while on the bc.

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82 out of 155 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Why struggle?
Reviewer: Brian Leschinsky,
The Scuba Tank Carrier was hands down one of my best purchases. It made carrying, transporting , and handling my 120ci tank a breeze! Easy to use, it has heavy-duty velcro straps that secure it to your tank, and a ergonomic rubber handle that makes gripping the strap comfortable and easy. Fairly priced, I highly recommend this accessory! Brian Leschinsky Boca Raton, Florida NAUI

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106 out of 217 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Good sturdy carrier!
Reviewer: Michelle D.,  - View all my reviews
Is a very sturdy carrier and was for a great price!

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8 out of 15 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Ease of use
Reviewer: steven breazeale,  - View all my reviews
Very neat concept, makes it allot easier for my wife since she is not that tall. When she picks up an aluminum 80 she barely gets it off the gro uh nd. The straps make it a ton easier.

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9 out of 17 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Scuba tank carrier
Reviewer: Richard Krell,  - View all my reviews
Handy item to have. Easy to use. Good price.

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15 out of 31 people found this review helpful.

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