XS Scuba 7.25´´ Steel Tank Boot TBX7S 042151

Mfg Part #: TBX7S

XS Scuba 7.25´´ Steel Tank Boot

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  • Durable Molded Construction
  • Octogon Rim
  • Self-draining tank boots protect boat, decks, pool tile and bottom finish of tanks
  • Stand cylinders upright
  • Drainage prevents corrosion under boot
  • For 7.25" Diameter tanks
  • Fits: High Pressure 100, 120, 80 cubic foot tanks and  Low Pressure 85 cubic foot Tanks
  • STYLE: Round or Octagon

Customer Reviews for XS Scuba 7.25´´ Steel Tank Boot:

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Rating: Great Product
Reviewer: Mike Shelton
Very rugged design and easy to install. I use them on a set of steel doubles to make sure they dont tip over!!

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Rating: worked great
Reviewer: Mark S.
The boot fit like a CHAMP, if you need one, this was the best price one I could find, and with great quality!

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39 out of 76 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Great Tank boot
Reviewer: Jose Cordova  -  View all my reviews
Fits well on the tank , and helps protect the tanks base.

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Questions and Answers for XS Scuba 7.25´´ Steel Tank Boot:

  • Beth:

    hi, we want to order two xscuba tanks (80 and 100 liter) and also want to order two additional boots (the round ones part tbr7s). your site doesnt list the round ones (only the octogon). can you get the round ones? also, we will be shipping the tanks to a freight forwarder for shipment to new zealand. the forwarder would prefer a specific label be affixed to the packaging so they can easily track our goods. if i send you the pdf of the label will you be able to attach it to the outside to each of the packages?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Beth, here is the correct boot you are looking for. Sherwood Scuba Tank Boot web link: http://www.scuba.com/scuba-gear-225/042133/Sherwood-Tank-Boot...html.

  • Mark:

    Im putting the finishing touches on my vintage scuba set. I just picked up a 1965 US Divers Steel (galvanized) 72 cu ft tank but needs a boot. The outside dia of the tank is ~ 22 1/4" and it looks like the 7 1/4 boots will fit. This is NOT a flat bottom tank. So not sure what boot to order.

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    You will need a 6.9 diameter round bottom boot, unfortunately we do carry that item.

  • arno:

    Can i use this 7.25 on a Sherwood Genisis 80 and 100 cft steel round bottom tank.

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    So long as they are a 7.25" diameter cylinder, yes.

Cylinder Boots
High quality injection-molded construction
Self-draining and durable
Flat bottom design for aluminum cylinders
Elliptical bottom design for steel cylinders
Octagon rim design to prevent side rolling
Round rim design for twins and boat racks
Color: Black

TBX6A - for 6.90' diameter aluminum cylinders
TBX7A - for 7.25' diameter aluminum cylinders
TBR7A - for 7.25' diameter aluminum cylinders
TBX8A - for 8.00' diameter aluminum cylinders
TBX7S - for 7.25' diameter steel cylinders
TBR7S - for 7.25' diameter steel cylinders
TBX8S - for 8.00' diameter steel cylinders

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