XS Scuba 1st Stage Low Pressure Gauge with Release Valve AC380 017215

Mfg Part #: AC380
  • Quickly check your regulators intermediate pressure
  • Attach to low-pressure quick-disconnect BC hose
  • Quick twist bleed
  • Reads up to 300 PSI
  • Protective rubber boot

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Rating: Pressure Checker
Reviewer: Terry Milum
This is a must have for anyone that wants to ensure their equipment is working properly, and lets you know if there is a problem you need to get checked by your Dealer.

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Intermediate Pressure Gauge Checker

Easy to read 2' diameter XS Scuba gauge
0 to 300 psi dial
Stainless steel case
1.5% accuracy throughout the full range
Liquid silicone filled for dampening
Air buble to allow for expansion with temperature change
Protective rubber boot

Push Button Bleeder
Quick and easy pressure relief
O-ring seal
Easy to service

Over pressure relief valve set at 200 psi
Prevent gauge damage

Spin-On Adapter
All ows fast attachment to standard BC QD hose
Fast spin-on adapter - seals with o-ring
Black anodized aluminum
P/N AC380

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