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Aqua Lung Slingshot Adjustable Strap Fins

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Aqua Lung Slingshot Adjustable Strap Fins Customer reviews see below

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Customer Reviews for Aqua Lung Slingshot Adjustable Strap Fins:

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Rating: Sling Shot Fins
Reviewer: Rodney Wallace  -  View all my reviews
Thanks to Scuba.com’s recommendation I purchased the Aqua Lung Sling Shot Fins to replace my aging Force fins. I went to the Force fins many years ago to avoid foot and leg cramps. The Force fins work on somewhat the same principal as the Sling Shot fins. The Force fin blade expands and increases resistance on the power stroke and gives the energy back on the return stroke. When I first used the Sling Shot fins with a setting on 1 I was very disappointed. I had no power and the fins were squirrely on my feet. But on the 2 setting the fins came alive. They felt like the Force fins only with a lot more power. On setting 3 they are even more powerful but with more strain on my legs. It’ll take more time in the sea to determine which is the best for me. Again thanks to Scuba.com.

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Rating: Great Fins
Reviewer: John Jerrehian  -  View all my reviews
My wife bought her set first. I never could keep up with her. Finally, I tested her fins with two other sets I had. In every test they were the fastest, most comfortable fins. Adjustable too. They are great to dive with.

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Rating: Amazing
Reviewer: Daniel Phoebus
Finally after 4 years of trying to make up my mind of I want to but a fin this expensive I finally bought it. Only regret is I didnt buy it sooner.

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34 out of 64 people found this review helpful.

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