Nautilus Lifeline GPS Radio Holster GXU-901-46053 230199

Mfg Part #: GXU-901-46053
  • Designed to keep your Nautilus Lifeline GPS in a secure and functional position on your gear
  • Coil tether cable helps prevent loss by accidental dropping
  • Always keep your GPS radio close to you
  • Fits any BC or weight belt with standard 2 inch webbing

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  • Mark:

    I am leaving the country early morning onFriday the 10th of May. Is there any way I can receive one of these before I go? It would have to ship to my office: Mark Phillips 916 Finch Avenue High point, NC 27263 336 884 9260

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    You can place the order on the website. Using Amazon Checkout is the easiest way to process orders going to different address than the billing. The shipping charge will be listed when you proceed to checkout and prior to submitting the order. Just change the need by date and the shipping will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Stephen:

    Is it worth getting this for the Nautilus Lifeline? TY

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    This is a nice way to carry and protect the Lifeline.

Nautilus Holster

Keeps your Nautilus Lifeline at arm's reach at all times. Not only does it prevent dropping and loss, but it also protects the Nautilus Lifeline GPS radio from scratches, scrapes, and bumps.


Pushing the red button. We believe that calling for help at sea should be a lot simpler than using a satellite based system that involves uplinks and downlinks, shore operations offices, marine rescue coordination centres, and full emergency responses. We think it should be as simple as calling boats around you for help whether it's a cool, calm radio call or sending a digital DSC distress message with your GPS position to boats near and far. With devices that are depth rated and tough enough to drive over with a truck.

Our commitment and dedication is to constantly innovate and improve cutting edge technology wrapped in clever mechanicals specifically designed for the harsh marine environment. We are about developing new product categories with solutions that have never before been brought to market.

We do not just dream about this stuff and build it. We live and play in the marine environment. We are scuba divers and sailors; kite-boarders and paddle-boarders; swimmers and surfers. Our team includes commercial fishermen, seasoned ship's captains, marine engineers, floatplane pilots and recreational boaters. We know firsthand the value of being able to call for help easily and without any fuss. Any time. Anywhere in the world.

We invite you to join our project and carry a LifeLine. And to tell your friends about the LifeLine.

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