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Hotsuits Hotbelt Wetsuit Heater

Hotsuits Hotbelt Wetsuit Heater Customer reviews see below

  • Turns any wetsuit into a Heated Wetsuit
  • Activate anytime-Stays warm in water for up to 1 hour
  • Designed to be worn inside your wetsuit
  • Re-usable chemical heat packs
  • Press button activation
  • Rewarming pocket included
  • Compatible with any brand wetsuit
  • One size fits all from 26 inch to 56 inch Waist


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Customer Reviews for Hotsuits Hotbelt Wetsuit Heater:

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Average Customer Review: based on 49 reviews.

Rating: Good Idea
Reviewer: Jim Bovill
The FREE wetsuit heater well I cant really say anything about it , because I am a Tropical Island Diver , Im getting to old to dive in cold water , The bones wont take it anymore , But I think it is a great Idea and it should do the trick .. Jim Bovill

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Rating: Hot Pockets
Reviewer: Paul E.
These are awesome. What you get is a neoprene "cumberbun"/belt which holds the gel pack. The gel pack ships and travels as a solid. You recharge the pack by boiling it for a few minutes, which melts the inside of the pack, and when youre ready to use it, you push a metal click button which, before your eyes, makes the liquid solidify and warm up. Pretty cool. Im not only using it for Diving but also as a heat pack at football games for sprains etc. Also look at the electronic version of this...

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Rating: Decent heater
Reviewer: Michael Smith  -  View all my reviews
Im an active instructor and got this for the long cold nights in the pool. First, the good: the heater pack does get warm, and stays that way for about 45 minutes. Its rechargeable, which is very nice. The neoprene belt also adds some insulation on its own. The bad: it doesnt get super hot. Id say its a marginal improvement, but not going to turn a 3mm into a 5mm, but it will extend your bottom time some. It is practically impossible to activate this through a wetsuit. You really need to pinch the activator from both sides. So you cant wait till you get cold and punch it for a wash of warmth. To recharge the heater pack, you need to boil it for AT LEAST 15 minutes. Otherwise, it will not reverse the activator, and will continue the chemical reaction leaving it discharged. Your goal is for as much as possible of it to end up in a liquid state.

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Rating: Small somewhat functional
Reviewer: Michael R.
Got a few on sale for a decent price but was surprised by how small they are. My previous set which have stopped recharging after 20 years were 18" x 7" in size these are 4 x 10" which do not put out as much heat and last only the first portion of a dive

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Rating: Works as Described
Reviewer: erik wennberg
I wore this on a recent dive in the St Lawrence river right up next to Canada. With the water cooling down this time of year I needed just that little extra to keep me warm. Usually one of the first to get cold in the group, with the Wetsuit Heater this time I was comfortable the entire time.

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Rating: dissapointed
Reviewer: donald magness  -  View all my reviews
price was good but the product was not. heat packs when properly regenerated (boiling), do not stay in a liquid state for long, they start to chrystalize soon as they cool, this diminishes the lenth of the heating ability. ive tried seversl times with the same results.i have even went on the web to make sure i am doing it correctly.

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Rating: Hot belt
Reviewer: Charles Safely  -  View all my reviews
Works well enough for diving, can also be used around the house as a heating pack. Recharging it requires heating it in hot water for about 3 minutes, so buuy extra packs if you dont have access to boiling water.

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Rating: Great product
Reviewer: janette b.  -  View all my reviews
Did just as described, lasted longer than expected. Only negative thing I can say is I couldnt activate it when my 7mm suit was on so I had to activate it before I zipped up. Other than that I love it.

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Rating: A+ on the hotsuit heater!
Reviewer: AMY L.  -  View all my reviews
I am very happy with this product so far! I had read that you had to be careful to not accidently activate them too early, but I did not have this problem! Just when I was ready for it (just begining a bit of chilly decompression) I was able to activate the heater...and OH! Glory! it was DELICIOUS! lol! A warmer diver thinks more clearly, makes better decisions, has better dexterity, and -face it- is just plain happier. :) For such a low price, this item is a tremendous value. I suggest having a spare heater for each dive you do in a day. A lovely, lovely, lovley product! thanks!

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Rating: Good Product
Reviewer: Arthur Becker-Weidman  -  View all my reviews
The product is priced well and works well. I especially like that the instructions are printed on the item so I dont have to mess with paper or trying to remember what to do and how to use it. It feels comfortable and fits nicely under a wetsuit.

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