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Patco Aqua Heat Drysuit Heater

Patco Aqua Heat Drysuit Heater Customer reviews see below

  • Extends bottom time, keeps you warm and adds comfort
  • For Use With All Dry Suits
  • Temperature Control Setting
  • 12 volt system allows you to streamline by using same battery pack for heat pad and light head, therefore keeping bulk and weight down
  • Battery pack attaches to tank or tucks into BC pocket
  • Easy to install through-hull fitting insures water tight seal where cord runs into suit
  • Blind plug insures dry diving when heating pads not in use
  • Fleece pouch included with each heating pad
  • Heating pad heats to 100F, then drops several degrees before reheating
  • Available in 25, 35, and 50 Watt
  • Watts/Heating Time - Times are approximate: 25watts/5 hours, 35watts/3:00 hours, 50watts/2:30 hours
    • Lower wattage lasts longer for extended range and deeper diving (Ice, Cave, Wreck, Research, Salvage)
    • Higher wattage heats faster


Polar Fleece Beanie $6.95

Drysuit Duffel $89.95

Dry Suit Hanger $11.95


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Customer Reviews for Patco Aqua Heat Drysuit Heater:

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Rating: 4 star heater
Reviewer: Lynda Murphy
This is my first Dry suit heater and it works great. I live and dive in Lake Tahoe CA-NV and right now the temp is about 34 Degrees. With the heater I sweat its great. Its a great price and well worth it if you are diving in cold water.

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Rating: The heat is on!
Reviewer: Brian Olson Instructor
What a great way to extend your dive time and your comfort. This is a well thought out and easy to install heating system. This entire unit comes with the diver - no surface lines to mess with. The battery attaches conveniently to your tank and the heating pad goes inside the suit right where you want it. The rechargeable nature of this piece of gear makes it portable and dependable. This is a great gift idea for the diver who has everything!

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