Bare Dry Glove System 088945BLK-20M 021186

Mfg Part #: 088945

Bare Dry Glove System

  • Dry Glove System that can be adapted to any drysuit
  • Used With Quick Clamps or Factory Installed Cuff Rings
  • Includes HD polymer gloves with liner and Quick-Disconnect docking rings


Customer Reviews for Bare Dry Glove System:

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Rating: Works great
Reviewer: Brent B.  -  View all my reviews
These are the typical "blue gloves" that most people use when they go dry. They are tough enough to hold up under normal diving, but Ive heard of people holing them on wrecks and such. They make reinforced gloves for those areas. The glove liners are nice, but the wrist cuffs are longer than needed, so may need to be cut down, or folded over at least. Good product- dont forget the quick clamps if you are adding dry gloves on to a drysuit that does not have the rings already.

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Rating: Bare Dry Gloves
Reviewer: John DiStefano
No more struggling with tight fitting gloves. Hands stay warm. Dont use straws for air, after gloves get squeezed, theyre no longer bulky and grip well. They can leak if not sealed correctly.

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Rating: These Are A Must!
Reviewer: Darel Robertson  -  View all my reviews
Using these dry gloves is like getting a new drysuit. I dont know how I got along without them. I have had no problems with them including bulkiness. The water pressure compresses the glove fingers onto your fingers so pushing computer buttons and handling gear is easy. The instructions for them are clear and helpful. Tip: read the instructions all the way through several times. Take your time. Several of my dive buddies are going to get after seeing how well these gloves work.

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Questions and Answers for Bare Dry Glove System:

  • Patient1:

    Is the Bare system compatible with the SI Tech system (preinstalled cuffs) Ive heard they are the same mfr and the quick glove rings will fit either name since its the same size?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Patient1, you would need to contact Bare directly for the answer to that questions. They would be able to give you the direct spec on the glove system. If you would like to contact them you can reach them at 604.533.7848.

  • adam:

    Can you use different types of latex gloves or do they have to be BARE dry gloves.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Adam, this system is designed to work with the Bare Gloves. How you connect the glove to the ring system is where you will have issues if you are trying to use a different glove.

  • Matt:

    Does this system work with neoprene sealed suits such as the scubapro ever dry 4?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at


The Bare Dry Glove Set includes Docking Rings and gloves with separate thermal liners (Quick clamp set not included).  The Quick Clamps, or, installed cuff-rings are required to attach dry gloves to the drysuit.  Quick Clamps allow the Dry Glove Set to be attached to existing latex wrist seals.  So add a dry glove set to your drysuit - a great option to keeping warm.

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