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Bare Quick Clamps

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Bare Quick Clamps Customer reviews see below

  • Attaches to existing wrists of drysuits with latex seals
  • Allows dry gloves equipped with quick glove rings to attach to drysuit quickly and easily (see below to order) 
  • Comes with three sizes of spanner rings to accommodate different thicknesses of wrist seals
  • COLOR: Black
Bare Dry Glove System ADD $149.95

Drysuit Hanger $11.95

Polar Fleece Beanie $6.95

Drysuit Duffel Bag $89.95


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Rating: Clamps for dry gloves
Reviewer: Brent B.  -  View all my reviews
These are the clamping rings for the typical "blue gloves" that most people use when they go dry. The inner rings slip down your sleeve, and rest inside your cuff. The outer black ring slides on and clamps the wrist seal between them. Make sure to use the right inner ring size, or they wont stay clamped together. Good, solid product- I expect them to outlast the drysuit by far.

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Rating: Quick Clamps Well Worth the Money
Reviewer: Darel Robertson  -  View all my reviews
The clamps have worked great for me. They are easy to install and make suiting and unsuiting easier. I have had no problems with them. Im glad I decided to include them with my dry glove order.

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249 out of 493 people found this review helpful.

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