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VR Technology Sentinel Rebreather

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  • The Sentinel is an electronics-driven fully closed circuit constant PO2 design rebreather (eCCR) that provides an intelligent and easy to use life-support system (LSS). 
  • Has a single 4.8 liter back-mounted counterlung (BCL) attached via a quick-disconnect system to the canister head  
  • Comes with a bail-out valve (BOV), and is removable.  
  • The most richly featured, integrated software for a rebreather on the market, with electronics designed for intelligent monitoring.  
  • The electronics head holds the 3 oxygen sensors and the battery compartment. 
  • Auto turn-on with the detection of a PO2 drop (detection of breathing) or at greater than 1.6 atm absolute pressure (detection of depth).
  • Diver and back mounted Heads Up Displays (HUDs) configured for color blind and highly stressed divers by positioning and flashing or solid state. Vibrating alarm on diver HUD.  
  • Uses the highly reliable and easily serviceable Poseidon Xtreme first stage regulators. 
  • Lightweight stainless steel backplate designed to fit the contours of the outer case.  
  • Rechargeable
  • DEPTH: Maximum depth 100m / 330ft.
  • WEIGHT: 31kg/68lbs without cylinders
  • Available with optional CO2 monitor, 5mm Backplate, VGM, Off Board Whip Kit, Hose Covers (see below to order)
with CO2 monitor, 5mm Backplate, VGM, Off Board Whip Kit, Hose Covers Add $3,630.00

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