XS Scuba Quick Release Single Diving Weight Pocket WB101QR 044024

Mfg Part #: WB101QR
  • Velcro release weight dump
  • Fits any BC or weight belt with standard 2 inch webbing
  • Holds up to 5lbs
  • Perfect for adjusting your trim
  • COLOR: Black

Customer Reviews for XS Scuba Quick Release Single Diving Weight Pocket:

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Rating: XS Scuba weight pockets
Reviewer: Richard Moore
I had a big problem trying to keep my weight belt from riding down off my waist. This was an easy solution to move 10lbs off the weight belt and onto my back plate waist harness. These fit snug on 2" webbing which made me happy and I was happy with the price. Rich

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Rating: Great pocket
Reviewer: Aaron S.
so ive used this on a friends bc and they held 7 pounds a piece with no problem. he had them over 3 years and dives almost every weekend. if you do the math, that is over 36 dives. the pockets are perfect and the fact they the weight easily but hold the weight with velcro shows the quality of the product. i love the pockets.

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Rating: Very good hold
Reviewer: Javier d.  -  View all my reviews
i actually used this velcrod to itself around the back of my belt (instead of the intended passing of the belt through the "belt tunnel"), since the belt wasnt broken-in enough to adjust the standard fittings. it held very well w/ 4 pounds in it, even though i couldnt get the entire velcro patch to overlap (it overlaps just fine when you use it properly). i felt free to use heavier weight for breath-hold diving, knowing i could ditch a single pouch as opposed to the whole belt got deeper, longer!!

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Questions and Answers for XS Scuba Quick Release Single Diving Weight Pocket:

  • Paul:

    Any idea if this will work with and old IDI Nekton 2000 BCD? I lost the original weight pouch. thank you

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Paul, these pouches are designed to be used as trim pockets that you attach to your tank strap. So you can take a percent of the weight you wear forward and move it to your trim pockets. If you have any other questions or would like to place an order please feel free to give us a call at 1.800.347.2822.

WB101QR - Quick-Release Single

Weight Pocket

Here is the one that everyone has been asking for
Velcro® release weight dump
Designed to add up to 5 pounds of shot or hard weight
Attaches by sliding over the end of any 2' webbing or 2' cummerbund
Easy addition to XS Scuba ponypac or other harness systems
Perfect for adjusting your trim

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