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Seasoft Seawolf Weight Harness

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Seasoft Seawolf Weight HarnessCustomer reviews


  • Non-Integrated Weight Integrated System - 30+ lb capacity (Diver releasable)
  • Weights can be released half at a time to aid in a more safely controlled emergency ascent
  • Allows the weights to be carried by your shoulders when walking taking uncomfortable stress off your hips and back
  • Creates improved horizontal trim and alleviates back fatigue while diving
  • Designed to work beneath any BC
  • Fully adjustable to fit most any height
  • Waist expands to 58" to fit most any diver

50 lbs Mesh Weight Carrier $19.95

Sealife Mini 2 Underwater Dive Camera $99.95

Spare Air Pack $259.95


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Innovative 50 Yard Roll Weight Belt Webbing.. WB-1001 031295

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Innovative 50 Yard Roll Weight Belt Webbing..



50 lbs Mesh Weight Carrier $19.95

Depth Compensating Buckle $19.95

Compact Dive Console Retractor $26.95


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