Faber 120 Cubic Foot Low Pressure Steel Tank L120DVB 043112

Mfg Part #: L120DVB

Faber 120 Cubic Foot Low Pressure Steel Tank


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  • chris:

    were spearfishing in florida with al. 80 tanks. I have seen some guys with larger steel tanks that im guessing hold more air/nitrox. if the al tanks have 3000psi what fits in a steel tank? what the difference between low and high pressure tanks and what will give me max bottom time?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    The cubic feet that the tank is rated is the amount of usable air. Pressure does not change that. Higher pressure tanks are usually are smaller and heavier than low pressure tanks.

  • Bill:

    Ive never heard of a steel tank, high or low pressure, being that positively buoyant empty. You sure thats right?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    According to Faber, this is correct. You can see the complete table of the characteristics of all their cylinders at http://www.bluesteelscuba.com/cylinder-specifications.html

Faber 120 Cubic Foot Low Pressure Steel Tank

Manufacturer Part Number L120DVB

Faber Cylinders are appreciated worldwide by those scuba divers who choose steel tanks for their aqua-lung.
Faber Cylinders for scuba diving are manufactured from steel plates to ensure light tanks with the right buoyancy.
If you are already using steel tanks


Design Tests and Analyses are performed for new design approvals of diving cylinders:

- On materials
- Mechanical tests: tensile, elongation, impact, toughness, ductility, stress-cracking
- Chemical analysis
- On prototype cylinders (check of safety performances)
- Hydraulic burst test
- Pressure cycling test
- Ductility and impact resistance test
- Environmental test
- Extreme temperatures monotonic and cycling tests
- Flawed cylinder burst test

Production tests

During production all the cylinders are subject to:
- Hardness test
- Ultrasonic inspection
- Hydraulic (proof and volumetric expansion) if required by the standard tests
- Leak test on spun cylinders
- Check of the critical dimensions and of the threads
- Check of the marking
- Check of the specified internal and external surface finish
- Flawed cylinders burst-test

For a complete description of the manufacturing processes please go to Production Cycles


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