Nu-Way Dive Tables SL11 030695

Mfg Part #: SL11
  • Keep track of all divers and dive times
  • A must for all divers
  • Quick reference for important diving rules

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Rating: Very Good Standby
Reviewer: William Mundkowsky
These tables include the U.S.N. decompresion table on the back side so you can figure your stops if your computer dies on you, or what I like to do is use them to figure my Repetitive Dive Group for my log when diving a computer. Very useful and good to have in a BC pocket.

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Rating: Old School
Reviewer: Paul Holmes  -  View all my reviews
Dive Tables and a divers watches where the only thing used 30 years ago. This easy to read table gives you the maximum dive limits, per the 1984 Navy Dive Tables. Even I could read it. Go Figure. I carry it in my dive bag for reference. Additionally, it give you the minimum surface interval time before diving again at a given depth/bottom time. Of course, if you are doing multi-depth dives, a Dive Computer is invalueable in extended your bottom time.

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Rating: US Navy Dive Tables
Reviewer: Glen C.  -  View all my reviews
Great to have a set for your tech and decompression classes.

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