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Innovative Neoprene Knife Sheath

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  • Single velcro strap locks knife sheath in place
  • Double velcro leg straps prevent accidental slips
  • Works in combination with existing knive sheaths
  • Durable neoprene leg wrap
  • Adjustable sizing
  • See how it works!
  • COLORS: Black only

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Customer Reviews for Innovative Neoprene Knife Sheath:

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Rating: Great Product
Reviewer: Katrina M.,  - View all my reviews
I was unhappy with the straps my knife came with originally, but the sheath worked amazingly. The only problem I had with it was I didnt tighten it enough the first time to compensate for my wetsuit compressing at depth and the sheath slipped. My knife is fairly large, and the sheath fits well over the knife and the holder. The velcro straps are long enough to wear around a thigh, for calves I would recommend cutting the straps. There is a second velcro strap to wrap around the dive knife handle, I didnt like this option so I just velcroed the straps behind the handle. Overall I am very pleased with this product.

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Rating: Comfy, comfy
Reviewer: Lauren F.,  - View all my reviews
I think this is the best way to carry a knife, I had been looking for knife straps and I prefer not to carry a knife in my BC and I wasnt too keen on getting rubber straps. This was exactly was I was looking for, the price is good and it fits with the existing knife I have. You can also choose to wear it on your lower leg/calf or above the knee on the thigh depending on your preference. The only caution I would make is if you are pretty small, the velcro straps might need to be cut a bt if you want to wear it on your calf

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Rating: Affordable and functional
Reviewer: Thomas M.,  - View all my reviews
Im new to SCUBA and this is my first knife sheath. Im happy with it. On my first ocean dive it slipped a bit down my leg but I corrected the problem and it worked well after that. That was more my fault then the sheaths fault. Affordable and functional in my opinion. Id recommend it. Safe Diving!

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Rating: Neoprene Knife Sheath
Reviewer: Kathleen Hardiman,  - View all my reviews
I did not care for this to much because the staps seemed to come apart to easily. I like my knife to much and I want to enjoy my dive so the last thing I want to worry about is loosing my knife because of the sheath.

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Rating: AWESOME!
Reviewer: Ryan D.,
This product is the best!, no more rubber knife straps dangling losening etc. The vecro straps are awesomeand streamlined. Can mount on legs calfs or thighs, or arms etc...i love mine and will never use any other knife strap ***** five star all the way

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Rating: Works well
Reviewer: SCOTT MCLERNON,  - View all my reviews
i like having the knife on the thigh better. fits tight however the velcro attaching the neoprene to the sheath could work a bit better. when i was pulling the knife from the sheath, the retaining velrco strap caought the sheath retaining strap. be careful when pulling the knive, as that velcro may pull the sheath velcro loose.

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Rating: Neosprene Knife Sheath
Reviewer: Sean H.,  - View all my reviews
feels good on the the thigh and straps in easily. a little dissapointed, however, as there is an opening at the end of the ion point and if your knife blade is over 3.5 inches the sharp point sticks out and you run the risk of cutting yourself on the exposed blade. if using a blade shorter than 3.5 inches this would be an ideal alternative to the standard straps that come with every knife.

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Rating: Knife Sheath,
Reviewer: Jay Reinhart,  - View all my reviews
If you dont like the rubberleg knife straps, or if you are like me and cant mount your knife to the BC you will love this product. It is very comforatble in the water and a great deal for the price. I use a larger knife when diving and it fit in the sheath like a glove. The only draw back is the constant readjusting of the velcro strapth. It is not depth adjusting. The quality is great, you hardly know it is there.

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Reviewer: Matthew Welsh,
More comfotable than old "rubber-straps". Youll be best-off cutting the upper velcro-loop off and sewing the top of your knife-sheath to the neoprene at the right height. That way your knife will not snag during extraction. The bottom of your knifes sheath fits into a neoprene pocket.

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367 out of 749 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Neoprene Knife Sheath
Reviewer: Russell F.,  - View all my reviews
This is a great Sheath for your Titanium dive knife! Makes taking your knife out and back a very easy operation. Stays put on your body and looks good too!

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