TUSA BC Knife Mount for FK-10 and FK-11 TC-752 023025

Mfg Part #: TC-752

TUSA BC Knife Mount for FK-10 and FK-11

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Questions and Answers for TUSA BC Knife Mount for FK-10 and FK-11:

  • eric:

    Does the mount come with the screws to attach it to the knife scabbard?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    No the screws usually are already on the sheath.

  • Jose:

    I have a Oceanic BC. I would like to know if this mount can be installed in this BC. The separation of the grommets is 2.75 inches Thanks in advance Jose

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    the manufacturer unfortunately does not offer any information for products other than their own. We have never seen it mounted to another bcd.

TC 752 - BC Knife Mount for FK-10 and FK-11

The TC-752 mini knife attachment is ideal for attaching an FK-10 or FK-11 to a BCJ equipped with knife grommets.

Product Service and Repair (General)

Q: Where can I get my TUSA product serviced?

Equipment should be serviced at TUSA authorized retailers. You can locate a retailer near you by clicking on the Find a Retailer link on this website and entering your zip code. If no retailer is near you, you may be able to send your BCJ, regulator or dive instrument directly to TUSA for factory repair services. Please contact info@tusa.com or 800-521-8872 for more information.

Q: Can I Become a Certified TUSA Repair Technician?

Only authorized TUSA retailers are permitted to take authorized repair courses.

Q: How do I buy repair parts for my TUSA product?

It is our policy only to sell repair parts to authorized retailers. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Q: Where can I get parts for older TR series regulators?

TUSA has very limited parts available for the TR series regulators. Upgrade programs may be available to a current new regulator, please contact your TUSA authorized retailer for more information.

Product Registration and Warranty

Q: How do I register my TUSA equipment?

The best way to register your new product is via the Product Registration page under the Support section of the TUSA.com website.. If you are not able to register your product online, you may fill out the product registration card enclosed with each regulator, alternate air source, BCJ, or dive instrument when purchased from a TUSA Authorized Retailer. Please fill out this card and mail it in within 30 days from the date of purchase to activate your warranty.

Q: Where can I find my product serial number?

The product serial number location varies dependent upon the type of equipment. Please visit the Product Serial Numbers of the TUSA.com webpage for further information.

Q: What is the warranty for my TUSA equipment?
The warranty varies depending on the type of equipment purchased. Please visit the Limited Warranty Policy page for further information.


Q: What is the TUSA CARE Free Parts for Life Regulator Program?
Please visit the Product Registration page on TUSA.com for more information


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